Chongqing police begins 3D to print trade news to register the job

Published on 2018-11-26

Nowadays, the 3D technology that print is gradually mature, a few illegal elements also are stared at went up this new science and technology, use at printing dangerous article. The reporter manages total fleet know from public security of Chongqing city public security bureau, this day rises, police will begin 3D technology and applied trade news to register the job inside whole town limits, the special article that puts an end to order of the dangerous article that endangers social security, disturbed society and tort violate article to print flow direction society through 3D, the 3D data model that puts an end to a likelihood to cause a society to endanger is made, sale, release.

In recent years, as the development of informatization technology, the 3D technology that print applies in the domain such as building, aviation, medical treatment more and more extensive. Sectional chief introduces related total group of public security management, bring into this burgeoning technology public security of door of the Ministry of Public Security to manage, because its concealment,be strong, cost escapes the gender lowly, easily detect wait for a feature, have the high risk that is applied possibly at violating guilty activity by illegal element, compromise public safety thereby.

Apply brought social safety hidden trouble to prevent and reduce new technology, the train of thought that Chongqing manages according to industry of our country special type is inside countrywide limits foretaste of go ahead of the rest, bring into 3D technology and applied industry public security management, the public order that takes sex of a few foundations only at present runs measure, in the following job, will make trends evaluate according to industry development, improve administrative measure ceaselessly, progressively exploration builds 3D technology and applied trade public security to manage new mechanism.

As we have learned, this job brings into the content that register to be: Be engaged in making, the business that sells 3D to print equipment and 3D to print raw material and those who be engaged in 3D printing promotion of product treatment, education and 3D data to build a model is enterprise or business the basic message of the unit; Enterprise or business the individual that 3D of unit legal person, management controller, direct administrator, conditional contact manufactures equipment and data to build modular staff is basic circumstance; Enterprise or business the unit fulfils case of public security liability, equipment and raw material category of basic message, classification of occupation, product.

Police reminds, the technology of the 3D since this day that print and applied trade news register the job to will be started formally, please relevant get in touch actively with police station of area under administration from estate unit, cooperate public security mechanism to begin trade news to register, clear oneself manages responsibility of main body public security, perfect safety is on guard regulations system, fulfil unit interior safety to be on guard, strengthen register management from personnel of course of study, discover doubtful circumstance and times inform public security office.