Paper packs an enterprise leave boiler without rice money is bought however be less than raw material

Published on 2019-12-10

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From last year four quarters begin, of all kindsWrapping paperPrice rises be in 30% above, among themCorrugated paperGo up with board paper particularly apparent, this also brought enormous pressure to the enterprise that pack.

Up to on August 29, corrugated paper whole nation all valence is every tons 4500 yuan, rise compared to the same period 76.8% , the whole nation of board paper all valence is every tons 4933 yuan, rose compared to the same period 60.8% . Additionally two kinds pack commonly used raw material white paperboard and white paperboard all valence is every tons respectively 4325 yuan mix 6120 yuan, rise compared to the same period 36.4% with 32.8% . The whole nation all the paper price that ceaseless violent wind raises price brought enormous pressure to the enterprise that pack.

On August 29 evening, frequency of CCTV finance and economics rises to paper value again special subject has a story, with Shandong province much home company is exemple, announced deeply the downstream industry chain is current predicament on the paper company that pack.

Yu Cuicui is an industry of city of Shandong province Qingdao that pack purchase a manager, one big early she receives factory telephone call, was about to give out immediately with the corrugated paper that produces at paper box, follow-up raw material still does not have assured source.

The reputable limited company that pack purchases city of Shandong province Qingdao department manager Yu Cuicui: In inventory with respect to remnant more than 10, can use much at 3 o’clock this afternoon clock only, did not come into stock. Had been communicated with the supplier, present word should give them this payment for goods immediately, next their talent deliver goods, or this goods is broken.

From this year the beginning of the year begins, happen from time to tome like the setting that stops money so, rise as a result of paper value rapid, the supplier turns into to pay to deliver goods again first by COD, this brings enormous pressure to Yu Cuicui’s company, enter the case of the supplier that move price is more frequent in August deliver.

The case that move price is very concentrated, august 19, 20, 21, successive these 3 days have in tone price. Add up every tons went up these days 800 money, cost pressure is too great.

Reporter: Can be you accepted?

Yu Cuicui: Now we this state is to be not accepted also must accept.

Li Xiaogang also manages to presswork the enterprise that pack, the main raw material that they use is white paperboard and white paperboard, the trend that because be certain,paper price rises, last year the end of the year his collect 500 tons of raw material.

Shandong saves namely Long Shiyin of Chinese ink city brushs Li Xiaogang of assistant of manager of the limited company that pack: My collect when follow to be compared now, a ton of paper can be poor 559 money. Because of me before last year when, be in namely whole storehouse is stack entirely white like this kind paperboard, a kind this of all equipment, had 100 tons several with respect to remnant these basically gave out quickly.

Reporter: Enough how long uses?

Li Xiaogang: Can use a month now, at most a month.

What let Li Xiaogang make a heart now is, even if is the raw material that gives high price to also can not order a need certainly, because upriver paper mill also is in at present,do not have condition of supply of goods.

Li Xiaogang begs paper to write down

The cost of the enterprise that pack breaks up almost time, but the awkward situation that still faces run out of grain however. Why does the papermaking enterprise that serves as upper reaches also issue cook a meal without rice? We see Li Xiaogang’s experience below.

Che Weifang is one of city of Shandong province Qingdao’s biggest base paper agency, to accepting 56 papermaking business, and be the packing enterprise of above of Qingdao city half provide raw material, the Li Xiaogang that faces run out of grain wants to run toward Che Weifang’s company everyday almost.

Came today as it happens asks to get off always here, before paragraph time goes far a communication what circumstance, happy view.

The far course of study that tell paper is main supplier of Li Xiaogang, far the white paperboard product line that open has stopped machine two months. This Che Weifang brings a worse news, the price compares expensive white paperboard to also stopped to accept the order.

Shandong saves namely eternity of Chinese ink city packs Che Weifang of data limited company: Before two days they call to me that raw material pulp that does paper to use has gone up 6000 the price, you also know countrywide this a few big paper mills, grey foundation white board leaves this piece to stop again is such. One is environmental protection another do not have raw material namely, waste paper this one is very nervous.