Waste paper is costlier than scrap iron =2 of 1 jin of waste paper jin scrap iron

Published on 2018-11-26

Before, whenever holiday perhaps arrived year end, a lot of people have such habitual —— to clear away clear away box of the books written in ancient times in the office, old paper, rise centrally next sell those who receive waste, taking the fund that sells to order on a few cups of drink then everybody is shared together. The situation 2017 is a little different, go tall continuously as price of domestic waste paper, probably everybody sells year end the fund that reject must come to can buy drink not only, still can add a few pairs of wings that bake again.

   Waste paper is costlier than scrap iron

6 days morning, citizen poplar lady comes to the useless chipboard gather up in inn as usual, the master that is waiting to receive waste comes. Ms. Yang is saved in Zhejiang fine promote urban willow bay there is store of a milk near the free market of agricultural products, produce useless paperboard everyday 50 jins or so, “2017 year the price of useless chipboard is rising all the time, 0.3 yuan sell previously / jin, had gone up now 0.6 yuan / jin. Ms. ” Ms. Yang gives a reporter thick rough calculation brushstroke Zhang, every moon is to sell useless chipboard, small shop earns 400 more than before multivariate money.

The reporter visits the urban district a few reject reclaim station discovery, the price of useless chipboard already rose in the round. “ we reclaim now of station useless chipboard buying price is 0.8 yuan / jin, and 0.35 yuan wanted only when portion lowest in April 2017 / jin, buy valence to had broken up time. ” is in east the Xu master worker that reject becomes to answer midwifery meaning near big run introduces, “ knows waste paper is in now rise in price, but advocate if abandon chipboard to be in,rise in price, of the waste paper such as books written in ancient times, old newspaper buy valence to do not have apparent float. ”

In show continent area Hong Gezhen receives the Jiang master of reject to tell a reporter, he receives reject to already had 11 long time, useless chipboard such “ rose in price 2017 wet ” , he had not been encountered before, do you know “ now scrap iron how many money a jin? 0.3 yuan / jin. Useless reinforcing steel bar just also sells 0.4 yuan / jin, if be thin iron piece, we dare close far from, because press a root to sell,do not go out, carriage cost is more than reclaiming price. ” Jiang master complements, waste paper can compare “ now scrap iron is much costlier. ”

  The waste paper that has baled

  The price is amounted to2012Year since highest

The reporter understands, cast carry out for convenient dweller, fine promote city to abandon old commodity to reclaim used limited company to establish the reject austral government office to reclaim in the garden austral government office station. 6 days afternoon, the reporter reclaims in this the station sees, often have the car in and out of replete useless chipboard.

“ we reclaim useless chipboard also sees character price, but buying price on average is 0.8 yuan / jin. The reject austral ” government office reclaims station chief Laoyao tells a reporter, oneself from course of study old, the can of useless chipboard price this year calls “ history highest ” .

Laoyao tells a reporter, generally speaking, the summer is reject those who reclaim is off-season, begin to just enter peak period from October, “ does not pass, off-season 2017 not weak, every daylight we reclaim the useless chipboard weight that the station reclaims has 6 tons or so. ”

Reclaim in this station, the member that the reporter saw something estate company protects clean considers an aunt, price of one respecting waste paper, consider an aunt to laugh so that close not approach mouth, “ basically is cleaned in the village at ordinary times clean sanitation, also can collect bit of reject to sell, before paragraph the other people that decorates in time village is much, useless chipboard is extremely much. After ” considers the weigh of two bunches of useless chipboard that the aunt collects, show weight is 30 jins, after receiving 24 yuan from inside staff member hand, she is laughing to say to the reporter, the food money in the evening had “ . ”

Resemble considering an aunt to collect will sell reclaim the useless chipboard of the station, reclaim station the staff member can undertake arranging baling, basically can send a paper mill to undertake trash is used the following day, majority of everybody’s familiar express paper box is come by waste paper second birth. Nowadays, the price that the paper mill buys waste paper also is in climb ceaselessly litre.

Present waste paper buys “ price should say to be in ‘ history the most exalted ’ . ” Bo Lai is special Jin Yunjia of paper industry general manager introduces, main component is the waste paper that general paper mill reclaims 4 kinds, character calls fine dried noodles best paper, it is clear paperboard next, it is ” of “ supermarket paper again, finally is roadside collects the waste paper that come, “ character jumps over good waste paper, the impurity of place carry secretly and moisture are less. ”