Two kinds of old width of cloth presswork ink water contends for the market, whose impetus is fierce?

Published on 2019-08-15

As ceaseless development of the technology, the market with the application with new implementation, new creation makes the new development trend of printing ink market. Presswork in old width of cloth in ink market, one of domains of the most fetching attention are the competition between ink of zoology dissolvent ink jet and ink of Latex ink jet.

AsPresswork serviceProvider (the applied program that PSP) has for its and the business option that did not come presswork best technology, the competition between these two technologies is spreading out in global each district. Since HP rolled out this technology 2008, latex had had very old development tendency, do not pass zoology dissolvent numberPrinting machineassembly ground still very big, also printed the market to offer reliable productivity for graph article.

According to the technology practical pressworking with dissolvent of every generation zoology equipment the promotion of speed and picture quality ability, the installation quantity of machine of zoology dissolvent ink-jet printing is in drop. In fact, drive the application that many zoology dissolvent produces, be like a banner, the car is stuck, applique, be based on outdoors advertising value, the production that continues to drive zoology dissolvent. 2016, old width of cloth of North America area pressworks estimation of used income of ink of zoology dissolvent ink jet approachs 200 million dollar, predict to forecast period (2016-2021 year) scale will drop 1% the left and right sides.

On the other hand, latex replaced zoology dissolvent and other production technology below certain circumstance, but also be a basis its realizable quality, the much denaturation of base material and zoology are friendly the gender will seek new market. Latex printing ink is 150 million dollar in the value of North America, IDC of international data company predicts to arrive from 2016 2021, its year all compound increase rate is 18% . From the point of the angle of income, be in at least North America, latex ink does not suffer the effect of supplier of tripartite ink relatively, and in zoology dissolvent domain, have knowledge of tripartite of pass an imperial examination of large company experience. To 2019, latex ink predicts income predicts to will exceed income of inky of zoology dissolvent ink jet.