Light industrial does the newspaper in production industry sum up: ? Kinetic energy of gain of shaming Hui? growing permanent teeth does not decrease the Jin such as saute crafty large bamboo hat

Published on 2018-11-26

[ChinaPack pressworkIndustrial net heat pays close attention to]

Light industrial whole of outstanding achievement of the newspaper in production industry is accorded with anticipate. Was in on June 30 in we predict in the look up before the newspaper in profit of newspaper papermaking industry is added fast get continuously run, custom-built household company grows a trend higher to continue, entertainment gem, presswork become divided of outstanding achievement of the company that pack. From outstanding achievement the report looks, light industrial trade situation whole is accorded with anticipate, see a table 1, papermaking, custom-built household board piece annual outstanding achievement is looked into still better. Light industrial make 2 quarters performance lose at grail, household board piece drop lesser, the performance of brand household company that has outstanding achievement to prop up among them is better.

Build chipboard piece to manage last to good, prospective new increase production can or more finite, gain kinetic energy still driving. 2 quarters build chipboard piece net to grow 166.02% considerably. Below the setting that interest rate goes up this year, the enterprise controls financial cost, discount decreases, receivable bill remaining sum promotes considerably. Industry profit is started, and major paper look forward to was added last year hair finish, go lever undertakes in, the industry is taken on average first half of the year breath is indebted rate be issued to lower levels. Receive Zhang money remaining sum to grow considerably beforehand, make clear in hand order circumstance to good. New increase production can look, in build a project to decrease compared to the same period, whole of apiration of investment of future of large paper look forward to slants weak, show industry whole is new 2018 increase production can or more finite.

Custom-built household company lasts better growth, pay close attention to promotion of terminal operation efficiency. Custom-built first half of the year home resides construction of terminal of company raise the quota, push whole house continuously custom-built strategy, increase sale promotion, develop project channel steadily at the same time, promotion manages efficiency, integral outstanding achievement lasts better growth. And appear on the market this year household company measure increases, and plan of new set up shop is more, prospective market competes or aggravate, at the same time fadein of pressure of landed adjusting control, proposal investor pays close attention to the company that efficiency of operation of the terminal in Cheng of be better than of mark of contest of set up shop still promotes.

Value papermaking board sturdily continuously piece. In light of whole, we think second half of the year came 2017 2018, value papermaking industry sturdily continuously, in environmental protection hasten severe setting falls, new increase production can put in difficulty to increase, the outstanding achievement in suggesting to pay close attention to an industry for a long time the firm with prominent advantage of solid, cost, suitable clean is soft in recommending paper of industry of sun paper industry, hill eagle paper, Yueyang forest to mix. In addition, we suggest attention has distinctive competition advantage, portion to take company of the export that promotes than lasting household, recommend always art the enterprise that share; suggests attention has determinism demand to grow, recommend abundant to be the same as science and technology.