Self-sufficient rate promotes waste paper slow import system of waste paper quota is fluctuant

Published on 2018-11-26

Waste paper is waste paper of the mainest raw material has Chinese papermaking industry can use circularly, cost is low wait for an advantage, use waste paper papermaking to already made the development trend of industry of our country papermaking. Calculate according to data of Chinese papermaking association, useless 2016 pulp holds proportion of papermaking raw material for 64.6% , waste paper already became papermaking the first raw material. Waste paper industry begins to enter rapid development phase from 2005, experienced as a child small reclaim business runs amuck regional reclaim the process of layout of whole breed of mill of bibcock, large paper, entire chain. The country takes waste paper seriously very reclaim systematic construction, made multinomial standard and code drive our country waste paper to reclaim in succession systematic standardization develops.

The lifecycle of waste paper abides by “ to reclaim flow of ” of consumption of — production — serves as use frequency highest but renewable resources, waste paper can be experienced for many times reclaim, the loop of production, consumption. The logic of supply and demand of waste paper also spreads out around this one loop: Demand of production of decision of downstream product spending and reclaim quantity, upper reaches reclaims horizontal decision waste paper and the difference derive that produce demand import waste paper demand.

Homebred waste paper: Reclaim the standard had be notted unite, price of dominant of downstream paper mill moves toward national policy level to be refined ceaselessly, but our country has not produce an entire industry to approbate, unified homebred waste paper reclaims standard system. The market is abandoned in the country, downstream paper mill has older bargain right, upper reaches reclaims respective standard and quote have mill of paper of basis of trafficker of manufacturer, waste paper for goods. The country abandons supply and demand to be core with bearing of papermaking trade situation, circumstance of go into operation of mill of paper of market participator basis and waste paper reclaim the level undertakes quote and for goods.

Entrance waste paper: Whole adds fast hasten delay, the United States is useless as before waste paper of entrance of lord our country is added fast show downtrend, maintain inferior level in recent years. Reclaim as waste paper processing level promotes ceaselessly, the country is useless abandon external especially useless, day replaces Europe uselessly to rise ceaselessly. Mill of domestic large paper stems from sexual price to compare a consideration, promote a country useless proportion stage by stage in recent years. In hasten of waste paper entrance weak setting falls, the United States is abandoned still strong, because its have the characteristic that gets makings rate tall fiber intensity, high, the country is useless replace sexual inadequacy, still accept favour of each big paper mill.

Abandon outside influence of homebred waste paper situation, move on price centre, entrance waste paper is short-term be replaced completely hard China is the whole world the biggest waste paper imports a country, useless price goes outside the influence situation. Domestic waste paper reclaims the system is built perfect and short-term finish hard, each paper mill decides face of Bureau of Standards oneself or will continue, be based on manpower cost to rise brought cost carries pressure, the country abandons price centre or go up stage by stage move. Waste paper entrance superintends ceaseless hasten to father, china already advice-note WTO, will be by 2017 before urgent prohibit waiting for solid trash to enter a country without the waste paper of sorting, the gross of entrance waste paper that suffers this limitation effect makes an appointment with 6 million tons, because domestic waste paper reclaims rate is short-term promote considerably hard, we think this is restricted outside won’t be being brought about, useless entrance is decreased suddenly, the supplier is abandoned to be able to be reduced through raising the way such as waste paper standard outside new politics influence, the consideration imports promotion of waste paper mass to be able to raise waste paper to get an oar to lead, waste paper of hopeful benefit good home uses an enterprise to fall cost. =