1.5 tons of love braille paper send the blind the school

Published on 2018-11-26

Old calendar, advertisement publicizes a page, had looked to be thrown? These learn to say natively to braille, can be the paper that practise penmanship uses. On May 13, city of Heibei Xing stage aids incomplete commonweal association and in 30 more than person of 6 companies comes the bridge that build a road to smooth countryside county school of Meng Jie’s blind, bring the articles for daily use such as rice face for children, still took 1.5 tons braille paper.

A week collects ” of paper of braille of 1.5 tons of “

That day 9 when, the love goods and materials of one car carries venue, outside the articles for daily use such as the rice that buys besides volunteer raise money on the car, face, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, newspaper, Kraft, the paper quality such as page of advertisement conduct propaganda is tasted held most railroad car.

“ knows advertisement publicizes a page to be able to be become after braille paper, I collect the propagandist page of the hair on the street rose. ” volunteer plum eldest sister says, want nurturance to collect a habit later, good support children learn.

We look for “ directly presswork factory. ” volunteer Liu Zhanying says, presswork the factory is cut into parts cut, the paper of literal, can sell fund originally. But knowing is to want to send some become to the child after braille paper, contribute freely come out. “ a week, we raised money 1.5 tons love braille paper. ” Liu Zhanying says.

Paper of old calendar, copperplate suits to become most braille paper

11 when, drive car comes to volunteers to school of Meng Jie of smooth countryside county’s blind. When walking into 5 grade classes or grades in school, miao Miao is reading with hand “ ” . See Miao Miao has been felt from the book single-handed only, instantaneous numerates the content in the book. Speed and we recite the as good as when the text normally.

Expression of “ seedling seedling is very good. Mr. ” Mu Huafei introduces, this profit from everyday practise penmanship. With most child, miao Miao can write ten pieces word everyday.

Mu Huafei says, braille belongs to feeling alphabetic writing, student “ writes tailor-made braille should be used when ” board and braille pen, ” of jab of a “ that choose the ground is nodded to give phoneticize, punctuation to wait in on blind paper one. Average person writes a word, they need to write expression of ability of a piece of whole paper to be clear about, this increased the use amount of braille paper.

Demand of braille paper hardness is higher, the price wants than common paper expensive. Money of the about 2 horn on market a piece, the child should practice ten pieces everyday. And the school has nearly 100 students, for this pair of schools that run a school freely, it is not little expense.

Page of conduct propaganda of the cupreous paperboard with “ smooth level off, old calendar, advertisement suits to become most braille paper. President ” Mu Mengjie says, newspaper is softer, a piece of newspaper also can be used via two fold, the paper that the teacher can contribute the volunteer reduces the size like A4 paper, convenient students are used. This paper enough children use “ half an year. ” Mu Mengjie says.

Home “ whose home has suitable paper to be able to contact me. ” Liu Zhanying says, association will continue the school is contributory. “ next, the plan establishs point of a few love, convenient citizen is contributory. ”