Share economy blossom everywhere partial domain or will go out bureau

Published on 2018-11-26

In recent years, accompany mobile Internet technology gain ground, permeate of pattern of the trade after resource configures means to transform quickly, the antenna that shares economy is ceaseless on range and deepness outspread: Hire from building weak point share bicycle, arrive even umbrella, charge the fractionize domain of type of fragment of …… of treasure, campstool, gym is ceaseless emerge in large numbers.

According to Luo Lan Bei Ge makes public a report to show, predict 2018, china shares economic dimensions to will amount to 230 billion dollar, 44% what occupy the world to share economic amount about. In developing a process quickly, appeared to acclaim a concept to attract the blind dilate of capital, the collision intermediate frequency that also administering with traditional society shows “ contradictory ” .

The personage inside course of study thinks here setting falls, domain conformity will be a trend. Share economy or will be in accommodation, give some a few specific domains such as travel to mature gradually, a few share a domain to will be washed out without what match to follow suit demand, blindly. Meanwhile, the social credit system of relevant form a complete set, society government also will be perfected stage by stage.

” of “ blossom everywhere and “ chaos show ” like frequency

Share mode to be duplicated to popularize ceaselessly inside nearly two years on behalf of what resource optimizes supply and demand of configuration, efficient butt joint: Space, vehicle, charge …… of treasure, basketball appears all article that have unused resource property are OK with share economy to touch above, lend engine fire.

To this, wu Wei of professor of Zhejiang industry college is strong a not deputy fact that thinks to share ” in partial domain “ . “ shares bicycle for example from essence character also is not one kind shares economic mode. ” increased the mode of supply, devoted resource to violate those who optimize configuration to share original intention.

Life of research center of Chinese electron business affairs serves Chen Liteng of analyst of O2O ministry assistant to also think, the support that the country develops to sharing economy, a large number of users manage to the curiosity of new economy and the “ of capital is added hold ” , let share economy to be full of allure. But this also brings about increasing “ bogus to share ” to appear, of a few unused resource share by more and more the brim is changed.

Besides essence, the social problem that in sharing economy to develop a process, produces centrally also caused the wide attention of public opinion. Destroy in cold blood, the administrative issue that evades …… of wasteful and pay cost, public natural resources to share bicycle has not been solved, car, campstool, gym, even the tourist guide new round “ shares ” product already emerge as the times require, and administrative difficult problem also is accompanied appear.

“ shares ” to expand latent capacity really tremendous

Chen Liteng thinks, although be commercialized quickly,bring about at present market presence chaos is resembled and dominance contradicts, but what superintend a system as form a complete set is perfect, put in the domain of high frequency demand truly in some a few, share economic progress to be able to show the demonstrative effect of standardization gradually.

As share economy to start prior domain, short hired a few big famous platform of industry home to pass financing many rounds, manage progressively standardization. Hire platform to be with piggy weak point exemple, at present the enterprise already finished D annulus financing, room source enclothes town of 300 many home, in last few years order year average amplitude is achieved 280% . Piggy weak point hires vice-president Pan to collect husband introduction, while business promotes, platform oneself is superintended at present progressively also standardization. “ real name is registered, true, safe, law protects check etc superintend had formed sounder system. The experience that handles an issue also was accumulated in operation process. ”

And of be closely bound up of as daily as a lot of people life share bicycle domain, the market also was finished one round gradually annulus shuffle, after partial enterprise became tide retire most first “ is hard and fast a batch of ” . In June 2017, realize empty bicycle operation to just announce to be exited formally share bicycle market; Be in subsequently in August, abrupt “ breaks the controller of company of Ding Ding bicycle that is located in Nanjing couplet ” . As opposite as this is, rub do obeisance to and Ofo two tycoons are newest round of financing is total amount to 1.3 billion dollar, increase ceaselessly to carrying the investment of dimension also is in.

The industry expects integrated standard