Suffer environmental protection concussion, base paper rises in price to driving corrugated fibreboard to rise

Published on 2018-11-26

Mill of the paper mill as stop production, paperboard and paper box factory are increasing, the fact proves, environmental protection investigation had been affectedWrapping paperfurnish, can be the situation that one box begged hard last year performed?

In May China north, China in a lot of paper mills of area and Fujian Province are rectified by stop production wait for condemnatory measure. 38 of FujianBoard paper15 factories of factory and Hunan are compelled by environmental protection bureau close down.

In June, the papermaking enterprise of Dongguan must obtain pollution to discharge a license on July 1, otherwise the paper mill will face stop production or other punishment. Business of a few papermaking is current by coal report to pyroelectricity switch, already stop production. Notable is, the paper mill that this is second line more very among them and be not small-sized paper mill.

Recently, with the name of environmental protection, APP, morning cries, rich is collected and the paper mill of rich in relief this locality begins by turns stop production.

Be in Shanghai, as a result of cannot burden coal report turns the operation cost that gas electricity place brings rises, taiwan grand paper industry has announced to be in 2018 evacuate Shanghai. Now, the use of amiable report just begins pyroelectricity, once the government asks to be used in great quantities in papermaking industry,believe pyroelectricity is amiable report, small-sized paper mill will hard bear, the industry is spent centrally will promote.

In environmental protection aid push, wrapping paper go up again raise. The paper box personage of Suzhou says, 280g, paper of C class fine dried noodles arrives today 30 tons 3300, will go up again tomorrow 200. Northeast has northeast of controller of the company that pack 3 provinces excel inCorrugated paperGo up 3800 / ton! Without who can you be in charge of a canal this thing Mo? !

In the meantime, of base paper rise to also coerce downstream corrugated fibreboard industry rises in price, although this industry produces can serious inadequacy. A trade public figure of Langfang says, enter corrugated fibreboard went up 3 times in June. And in Dongguan, the corrugated fibreboard factory that nots throw the troops into battle all the time previously, also begin trial rise in price.

Nevertheless, small make up also notice, of demand super- anticipate exhausted the motivation that offsetted on certain level base paper and chipboard rise infirmly. And be in countrywide much ground, the base paper inventory of 2 class factory spends apparent on the high side, add load door not quite accept rise in price quote, the intention that 2 class factory buys paper is apparent not tall.

Because the situation is very special this year, the numerous industry related to estate is stayed in by aspic, produce explodes drop of consumable of indication daily expense low fan, the peak period that everybody expects can come to nothing probably, accordingly, the whole industry that pack still can maintain rational mood, the phenomenon of blind collect paper did not appear.