Science and technology is packed drive green of express line of business to develop National Peoples Congress to be raised together on behalf of the expert action

Published on 2018-11-26

Express business grows quickly, subsequently and those who come is express those who pack is great the tremendous pollution that use up and packs rubbish. How to let express pack develop to “ green ” ? On September 15 morning, standing committee of Shenzhen city National People’s Congress holds an informal discussion, invite delegate of governmental function branch, guild, business circles, and delegate of city National People’s Congress and expert scholar gather together, with respect to express development of the green that pack spreads out discuss.

   Development of the express green that pack needs to do good design carrying a layer on the head

Session, the viewpoint that joins meeting personnel to pack green development generally to need to do ” of good design carrying a layer on the head with respect to “ express reachs consensus, essence of life of town of test of express waste disposal refines level of management, this needs us to begin from design carrying a layer on the head, it is dominant with the government, the force of a hair such as company of business of guild, cable, express and consumer, drive express economy to make green economy.

Development of the express green that pack covered the stock that pack to produce the many principal part such as platform of business of business of business, supplier, express, cable and businessman already, the associated also consumer of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two. Accordingly, carry out express to pack green development, reach express to pack green to change, reduce the goal that quantify and can circulate continuously, be long-term, the systematic project that need participates in jointly with all possible means, need sends force jointly to local level from national level, advance in order, administer a system soundly, execute integrated processing, multivariate treat in all.

   Guild will give out green to develop proposal

Guo Xiaomei introduces secretary-general of guild of Shenzhen city express, shenzhen citizen gets express delivery everyday many 300, send many 600, express portfolio greatly level of prep above whole nation, the green that promotes a trade develops extremely urgent.

She expresses, city express guild will answer the investigation report of standing committee of city National People’s Congress actively, on the council that the fourth quarter holds this year, to the unit of many 30 director of association company of many 130 member gives out green to develop proposal, act of appeal entire industry rises, develop green of development, promotion application activelyThe material that pack, build express to reclaim system, promote industry green development. Want to pass the company that has brand appeal power to give commitment especially, as the industry leading sheep leads environmental protection of whole industry green tide.

Guo Xiaomei expresses, current Shenzhen has the member that exceed 45 thousand express, the information platform that association still will use Shenzhen express trade sends proposal every “ express in a gleam of in hand of ” of little elder brother, start them to also participate in the loop that packs to express to use systematic construction.

   Does paper box compare plastic environmental protection? Using talent circularly is correct path

The express rubbish amount that our country express packs generation is huge. Current, already had on market many but the biology adhesive plaster of degradation, but promotion is very difficult however.

Xiao Zhiming of senior and senior engineer says the suitable abundant lab that pack, can reduce adhesive plaster promotion to have two reasons hard, it is charge tall, the price is the fourfold left and right sides of common adhesive plaster. 2 it is effect difference, encounter the circumstance such as high temperature to dissolve easily.

“ respecting green is packed, a lot of people feel paper box is compared plastic want environmental protection, this is an error actually. ” Xiao Zhiming expresses, although paper box but degradation, and plastic cannot degradation, but, papermaking wants fell trees not only a large number of tree, and the waste water that an enlarge amount wants in producing a course, waste gas and waste residue, contaminative amount is very large also. Prolong the life of the material that pack only, realizing a loop to use talent is the right way that the express green that pack develops.

He discloses, this year March, suitable abundant express establishs the laboratory that pack, can circulating in development at present use express to pack, and obtain revolutionary positive result. “ this is can use one kind repeatedly, the express delivery that does not use adhesive plaster is packed, believe ’ science and technology + the ’ that pack can drive industry green to develop certainly. ”

  Expert scholar suggests to give capital support