Paper industry current situation: Acute of amount of paper look forward to decreases paper value shock up

Published on 2020-09-08

Amount of paper look forward to decreases, industry polarization, paper value shock up, the phenomenon that is the existence inside very long period of time.

“ goes producing can ” development is advanced, acute of amount of paper look forward to is decreased

In light of the data that publishs from national statistic bureau, end dimensions above papermaking and company of paper products estate counted 6616 in March 2017, reduce 216 compared to the same period. And this is amount of reductive of look forward to of dimensions above paper merely (standard of start of dimensions above business is year advocate business Wu income 20 million yuan of) , of small paper look forward to live situation more not hopeful.

According to not complete count, check in superintend and director of near future environmental protection in, hunan 18 paper mill by stop production, 1Corrugated paperMachine be closed down; Fujian 3 paper mills are rectified and reform by stop production, 1 is punished by administration; Anhui 2 paper mills are instructed stop production is rectified and reform.

Paper look forward to produces cost to rise, the industry splits up continuously

The high demand of environmental protection, force environmental protection of paper look forward to is thrown, raised its to produce cost directly. It is reported, base of papermaking of clear Yang Dayao 13 papermaking enterprise, raised fund center of pretreatment of sewage of 16 million construction, liquid waste classics after the first treatment, reentrance sewage treatment plant, accomplish finally amount to mark to discharge.

The cost that environmental protection upgrades, be afraid is not all paper look forward to can of the burden, and the enterprise that these environmental protection do not amount to mark, can face the destiny that falls into disuse cloudily only.

Overmatch is stronger, the weak jumps over weak phenomenon to be able to last for some time. 17 years from look forward to of partial bibcock paper half an year spends outstanding achievement premonitory in light of, maintained fast growth. Profit of net of month of predicting 1-6 of sun paper industry amounts to 770 million ~8.8 100 million, grow 120%~150% compared to the same period; The net gain of month of predicting 1-6 of share of industry of hill eagle paper, China peaceful has compared to the same period relatively grow substantially.

Park stock of engine adjusting control, paper value shock up

In forestall or oligarch market, the enterprise can pass the control that carries to furnishing, undertake to the price thereby accuse. In papermaking industry concentration spends what rise ceaselessly now, this method also is effective on certain level. Paper look forward to is produced through be restricted, have adjusting control to inventory, drop in value of off-season control paper thereby situation, aid the price that push paper to rise even.

In May up to now, already 31 paper look forward to is given out rise in price announcement, go up in 50-300 yuan / ton. Culture paper goes up force is not weak, Wrapping paperLook forward to is firm pick up, waste paper price follows suit rise, in May 9-10 day, the whole nation has 35 paper look forward to to go up moved waste paper price, go up highest achieved 350 yuan / ton.

Paper price rose in May symptom already was ignited, in papermaking industry off-season, paper value is gone against situation rise, how old degree can be fulfilled still put question, risk of paper value shock still is put!