Problem of the express rubbish that pack cannot the evasive resource that pack is changed going

Published on 2018-11-26

Current, dimensions of portfolio of our country express continues to occupy world first place firmly. Add long express quickly to pack, brought enormous resources waste not only, also brought serious environmental protection problem. If why handle these express rubbish, already became not allow evasive problem. The personage inside expert and course of study suggests, much arrange develops simultaneously strengthen integrated processing.

Not long ago, industry letter ministry, Department of Commerce is released ” the directive opinion that develops about accelerating our country to pack industrial transition ” unscramble draft, put forward: Big thrust decreases quantity and zoology design all right, key development and promotion waste paper (metal, plastic etc) identify automatically, sorting, take off the packing litter such as Chinese ink to use a technology circularly; Stimulative design, production and the person that use is packing complete lifecycle green of travel of active carry out develops a concept; Research makes the litter that pack reclaim use stimulative policy, rely on renewable resources to reclaim system, use the contemporary IT such as Internet, big data and cloud computation and method, optimize the litter that pack to reclaim use industrial chain.

The express rubbish that pack is become cannot evasive social task

As the rapid development of electronic business affairs, the consumption on the net is become help the main force that uses consumption, the network shops wait for new-style spending pattern strong drive the development of national economy. However, in the backside that its flourish continuously, be faced with rubbish of tremendous express of —— of environmental protection burden however. Add long express quickly to pack, brought enormous resources waste not only, also brought serious environmental protection problem.

Because lack uses channel and method 2 times enough, express is packed after often be being used, be discarded at will, great majority is final whereaboutldirection is reject reclaims station, both neither economy also not environmental protection. How to use circularly, become useless to be treasure, give huge amount express rubbish 2 times, it is 3 times come for many times life, reduce the pollution to the environment thereby, reduce production paper box to lumber use up? This is a severe real problem, more cannot evasive social task.

National post office released 2016 ” existing state of affairs of the development of green of Chinese express domain that pack and trend report ” in, what also pointed out express rubbish is flush. The report shows, 2015, line of business of our country express uses up express to carry sheet makes an appointment with 20.7 billion in all, textile bag makes an appointment with 3.1 billion, Polybag

Resource of the express rubbish that pack is changed reclaim exploration and proposal

To this, the State Council develops Chang Jiwen of assistant director of research center resource and environmental policy institute to think, should adjust through taxation lever the market action that express packs, rise cannot the cost of degradation material, encourage an enterprise to reclaim use etc. Environment of university of committee member of Guangdong province the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Zhongshan and Yang Zhongyi of zoology academy dean think, no matter be to use cash pledge to make, still return integral still, give the way such as the discount, it is the efficient way that deserves promotion.

Still have proposal of expert of a few industries, much arrange develops simultaneously strengthen integrated processing. Above all, perfect relative standard, normative expressThe material that pack, advocate can reclaim pack. Next, “ of express of keep within limits is excessive the ” that pack, refine relevant provision requirement, enhance executive power. Again, publish favourable policy, encourage enterprise and consumer to participate in express rubbish to reclaim. Besides, express green packs this giant industry chain to go up, cover platform of business of business of supplier of the stock that pack, express, cable and businessman to wait already many from owner style, also concerning by tens of thousands consumer, come in the range that every one party should share “ green to pack ” .

“ but this difficulty is not little, want to break the industrial chain that forms already and economic mode to also be not easy thing. ” Yang Zhongyi says. Anyway, express rubbish is packed had been taken seriously with each passing day, and the resource that express rubbish packs is changed reclaim use had gone up in the road likewise. No less than that familiar to the ear can the word of detailed: Came in the winter, is spring still met far?