2017-2021 year China pressworks industry development and forecast an analysis

Published on 2019-12-10

China pressworks analysis of industry development element

One, advantageous element

(One) policy support

" 935 ” period develops print “ program " put forward, continue to carry out green to presswork energetically, promotion industry green develops a standard. Perfect green pressworks executive mechanism, blend in job of national green product certification actively, development is commercialized detect attestation. Accelerate green to presswork standard system construction, the train of thought that according to “ fountainhead is cut down and process control is ” of processing of extreme of key, give attention to two or morethings drives VOCs to administer. Executive “ green pressworks promotion project ” , drive an enterprise to fall cost, energy-saving bad news, decrease discharge, make green Yuan Fucai expect catalogue item, encourage use green material and technology, drive industrial catenary to develop in coordination.

935 during, management department will build perfect “ to print wide into severe canal ” superintends system, reduce an industry to enter the doorsill, after the event in enhancing a responsibility and quality to superintend, produce market mechanism effect adequately, strengthen a government macroscopical guiding; is accelerated advance “ Internet + ” of government affairs service works, construction a power of attorney puts on record system, presswork company report is official show the; such as platform to accelerate construction of sincere letter system, perfect company credit evaluates systematic; to support cautious big project, establish incentive mechanism, strive for policy and capital to give aid to, create favorable development environment for the industry.

(2) specialization development

Accompanying the growth of our country consumption and foreign trade, printer property total production value gets rising in the proportion year after year in GDP. AndPack pressworkThe industry is occupied presswork 2/3 of the industry, become the main force that drives whole industry development. The development that will not pack print and competition will around move technical innovation and product upgrade spread out, technical equipment circumstance packs the decision presswork the abidance of the enterprise develops, presswork industrial intensive changes degree to will rise further, presswork the enterprise is managed will to specialization way develops.

(3) consumption upgrades drive an industry to upgrade, promotion of the big business that pack is added fast

Current, our country serves as the world the 2nd pack big country, as the country flowing water of the people’s livelihood rises smoothly, consumptive demand upgrades ceaselessly, the demand that lives to character promotes ceaselessly, drive the demand that high end packs thereby, the growth that high-quality goods paper quality packs has tremendous latent capacity. On December 19, 2016, print and distribute of ministry of national industry letter, Department of Commerce ” the directive opinion that develops about accelerating our country to pack industrial transition ” , for the industry from policy level development is offerred directional how-to, in the light of standard construction, intelligence structure of production level, industry is optimized, breed the respect such as burgeoning industry condition to make clear guidance, the opinion puts forward 2020, form 15 above annual produce to exceed 5 billion yuan enterprise or group, form a batch of famous brands that have more powerful force.

2, adverse element

(One) environmental protection pressure

2017, environmental protection ministry begins big operation, to Beijing ferry the environment of area of look forward to undertakes superintend and director checks processing. According to the superintend of central environmental protection that makes already at the beginning of 2016 the job is arranged, the environmental protection superintend inside countrywide limits will be finished to be enclothed completely inside 2017. Office of superintend of national environmental protection issues an announcement, the province that is crossed by superintend (area, city) if rectify and reform not do one’s best or plan apparent lag, will arrange special superintend again. The personage inside course of study expresses, this environmental protection superintend and director is checked or be “ history go up the most severe ” .

This second environmental protection administers the job, various government height takes the country seriously, main processing is small, medicinal powder, random, poor enterprise, punish strength is all-time and strict. Presswork at present industry small business is in the majority, face a lot of problem. Here setting falls, presswork the industry faces grim challenge.

(2) presswork industry measure decreases continuously