The loss that plastic rubbish causes to marine zoology is as high as the whole world unexpectedly 8 billion dollar

Published on 2018-11-26

To reduce the plastic rubbish effect to marine ecosystem, the memorial that by the whole world one person signs issues a proposal, the requirement is in what future washs out one-time plastic products stage by stage inside 5 years to use.

According to statistic, have more than 8 million tons every year plastic ocean be been in by abandon, 80% what occupy marine rubbish. This browbeats not only marine wild vivid floral lives, still can destroy fishery and tourism, to whole ocean ecosystem causes the loss of at least 8 billion dollar.

Meanwhile, u.N. environment arrange started ” of “ clean ocean to move in Feburary this year, appeal government, industry and consumer reduce plastic production and overspend. Current, 20 many countries express to support to this one motion in succession, aim depends on the main source that marine rubbish eliminates before 2022: In cosmetic plastic small bead composition, and the excessive of one-time plastic products is used. Made multilateral home had made commitment: Indonesian government commitment reduces marine litter 70% ; Kenya will make at rolling out “ to ban model September this year ” ; Whole world of Swedish government put up with defies marine rubbish problem starts new finance to aid financially.

The ” of foundation of “ Gu whale that Gelanni of ambassador of amicability of U.N. environment arrange establishs opens ” of “ clean ocean formally on marine congress to experience, let the public understand plastic pollution to be affected to deep-sea through the means of virtual reality. This one activity still got wear the support of Er company, this company was rolled out large-scale supply chain, will from Haitian the maritime space around reclaims plastic rubbish, use at the productThe material that packreproduction.

In addition, the “ that sponsors by office of chairman of the United Nations General Assembly protects marine ” exhibition to be at the same time during marine congress in U.N. headquarters and Newyork city 5 large areas are held. The story that the beauty of diversity of state of pollution of the renascence of technology of boat of He Fan of navigation of tradition of insularity of the Pacific Ocean austral exhibition general exploration, marine rubbish, benthos, community acts and should rebuild, pass Australia the sculpture of aboriginal artist, the impact with indication destructive to marine biology pollution.