Useless chipboard reclaims price half an year turns over one times a few businessmen more everywhere find paper

Published on 2018-11-26

2016 not quite suffer wait for the useless chipboard that see, reclaimed 2017 the price rises greatly, be in every week almost recently rise in price. Because cost rises, many businessmen of Fuzhou are in everywhere “ searchs paper ” , increased the stock up amount of paper box.

Useless chipboard reclaims valence

Half an year turns over one times more

Mr Zhang that lives in village of city of gold of Jin An area discovers recently, oneself receive the paper case that express gets to become very popular.

“ I often the net is bought, every month can amass chest of one pile express. When go off with sold 2016, receive waste say too much, one pair does not think the sample that collect very much, I am final can cheap sell. But different 2017, I was put in the paper box in corridor to be taken away very quickly, the person that stops reject is more enthusiastic also. Mr ” Mr Zhang says, the young shopkeeper that receives waste tells him, useless now chipboard is in every week rise in price, reclaim valence already from every 500 grams of the beginning of the year 4 horn go up to every 500 grams 8 horn.

Yesterday, the reporter sought advice from reject of Fuzhou much home to reclaim enterprise. The relevant controller of these enterprises tells a reporter, useless in January 2017 chipboard buys valence to be every tons commonly 1000 multivariate, now every tons already 2000 multivariate.

Banyan substance enterprise

Everywhere “ searchs paper ”

Regard many entrances as the agent of brand milk powder, mr Xu of banyan Jing commerce says, he seeks this paragraph of time everywhere the value is inferiorThe goods that packSupplier. He says, the company is very big to the demand of paper box, the installs 6 canister milk powder paper box that they purchased 2016 about 7 yuan, went up in July 2017 9 yuan, and want 14 yuan now, the cost of the enterprise rises many.

A lot of industries in interviewing express, industry of paper of dragon of nine of bibcock of domestic paper industry raises price once more several days ago, among them paperboard of ox of sea otter card goes up 600 yuan / ton, other ox paperboard goes up 500 yuan / ton, paper of core of 50 grams, 70 grams goes up 600 yuan / ton, other core paper goes up 500 yuan / ton. After raising price, base paper price already broke through every tons 6000 yuan, and before still be less than every tons 4000 yuan.

The controller of company of food of much home of stage river area tells a reporter, paper price rises ceaselessly now, originally the carton inventory that the enterprise prepares 3 days two ahead of schedule only, and consider store up even now the goods of two months.

Electric business worries about “ double 11”

The box that pack is used not quite

In fact, company of numerous cable business also suffers the effect that rises in price to this paper box.

In the storehouse a mountainous area the Ze Min of electric business Zheng that does business of aquatic product dried food also is anxious recently: Price of “ paper box rises all the way, fixed position of our aquatic product dried food is small profits but quick turnover, come far from possibly through raising price marry again cost. He says ” , the paper box price of norms 32cm×22cm×14cm from half an year before every went up 1.3 yuan 2.7 yuan of present, the paper box of norms 39cm×39cm×50cm criterion from every went up 3.5 yuan 6.3 yuan.

“ paper box rises in price, food, United States makeup and home appliance are to suffer the category with the biggest impact. ” Zheng Zemin says, the threshold that he can raise packet of mail only now will offset paper box rises in price addition cost.

Cross a many month to will greet “ double 11” again, electric business sells the home to pack a box to be used not quite at the appointed time in concern. Zheng Zemin says, prepare for war now “ double 11” , he besides stock up, outside making conduct propaganda, return so that think method assures the supply of paper box.