Rise all the way accumulative total of newspaper price half an year rises 125%

Published on 2018-11-26

Currently hold the post ofChangzhou daily to presswork the Xu Xiaogang that the factory purchases department manager, since the university presswork professional finish school, enter presswork industry, major is engaged in pressworking industry already more than 20 years, when the problem that speaks of a newspaper office using paper, the expression with Xu very helpless manager, use in the factory at presentNewspaperBe industry of Zhenjiang Jin Dong paper completely, newspaper since will begin to rise in price October last year, rise all the way next, go up continuously, now is 10 days a price. From last year when lowest every tons 2000 multivariate, go up current 5000 multivariate, this period the price is 5500 yuan, the accumulative total between a long time of this half an year goes up amount to 125% . Manufacturer is making work in cherish now, must bring money pick up the goods namely, change original on schedule checkout. Xu director says, awful is current the trend of paper value still is going up ceaselessly, in the factory now everyday newspaper uses up 20 tons, Art paper, double glue paper makes an appointment with every months 500 tons. And 10 years ago, everyday newspaper is used up is many tons 50, at that time " Changzhou of · of Yangtse Evening Post " substandard ground newspaper also prints here. The price of newspaper is returned basically now is every portion 1 yuan, and paper cost rose 150% , imprint one piece has a deficit one piece, so, provincial newspaper, trade paper can be answered entirely only, a few this years fortunately paper media is in progressively atrophy, of newspaper imprint the quantity also decreases in year after year, if return once upon a time of newspaper imprint quantity, that newspaper office is to be not propped up really.

Case study

Occupy those who be engaged in paper managing more than 20 years, changzhou daily pressworks Introduction Xu Xiaogang of the factory, through rapid development of nearly 10 years, at present papermaking industry of China already grew become the whole world to produce can the first, use up gross the first, owned the best equipment on the world. But, the raw material of Chinese papermaking is excessive count an import, current link is overmuch, competition does not have foreword, the profit of downstream enterprise is reduced on. So, he thinks to at present 3 big factors drive pulp price to rise continuously:

1, policy of strict environmental protection. Wash out the list of lagging industry according to be versed in letter ministry was announced, large quantities of one enterprises will be shut in September. And in the company project that is about to eliminate in these, there is no lack of famous appear on the market the form of the company. And in the 279 papermaking company that involves, the job of nine dragon paper that awesomely banner of papermaking king Zhang Yin falls. Industry of nine dragon paper is in two factories of Sichuan happy hill and Inner Mongolia, because of environmental protection problem, be about to shut.

2, the big environment of international papermaking course of study squashs. Raw material of Chinese papermaking industry external depend on sb or sth for existence spends about 35% ~ 40% . And Chile is the pulp exit country with main whole world, those who export a quantity to occupy the whole world to speak a volume 10% the left and right sides, also be Chinese entrance pulp at the same time main source country, occupy our country pulp to import gross about 15% . On January 26 after Chile conflagration, be less than a week time, factory of Si Mai of go smoothly of tycoon of titanium white pink on Feburary 1 be on fire, be in successional below the concussion of two conflagration, predict to will force further go up pulp price and paper value.

3, waste paper price picks up sadly. Enter in April, prices of a lot of area waste paper are answered slowly go up on tone, get warm again after a cold spell of market level of whole waste paper, buying go up not to buy dropping psychology, mill of a few paper takes the chance to be purchased in great quantities, bring about stocks to pick up, in light of current and whole market, supply and demand will tend afresh balance and stability, go up considerably so the possibility of tone is lesser, market price squares formed by crossed lines is short-term inside or still rise with small give priority to.

Outside sending pulp to rise in price except afore-mentioned reasons, because news paper is large,newspaper price goes high all the way is newspaper is special paper, it is to enter big greatly, paper mill is to rely on to run the quantity is maintained, former newspaper price is low, deficit of in successive years, carrying valence to protect is certain way originally. Also do not eliminate to have the factor of factitious hype at the same time, to control the wood pulp raw material that rises ceaselessly collect accumulates the paper mill, cherish makes work.