Machine substitution heats up industry of robot of industry of the our country since wave to upgrade urgently

Published on 2019-12-10

The course develops for years, chinese robot industry came true from do not have have, arrive to develop a situation greatly as a child, data shows, accumulative total of robot of indigenous last year industry sells 29144, by can calculate than caliber relatively go up year of growth 16.8% . But at present the robot industry of our country still immature, component of own innovation, core is flimsy still, the industry is faced with low end to change difficult position, how does the medium and small businesses with numerous amount realize the large-scale application of industrial robot?

My robot industry begins high speed development from 2013, the tremendous potential of outback robot market also is reflected gradually come out, as industry the arrival of 4 timeses, industrial robot is in the effect on product line will be bigger and bigger, robot industry also will is by the mode change that classifies product line overall the robot factory that production gives priority to.

Crop of our country robot is maintaining high speed growth all the time. Data shows, before this year May, output of Chinese industry robot grew 50.4% compared to the same period. Our country already made the industrial robot market with the biggest whole world 4 years continuously, data is forecasted, to 2018, dimensions of market of Chinese industry robot will achieve 150 thousand.

Data shows, robot of our country industry installed a quantity to be 85 thousand 2016, grow 28.7% compared to the same period. Predicting future 5 years of industries year all compound increase rate is about 19.8% , industrial robot sales volume will amount to 210 thousand 2021. Decelerate machine, Servo, the growth that the market such as controller will continue to maintain 20-30% . Accordingly, robot business makes blast tuyere fall in intelligence, in succession extend increase production, clutch layout, grab beach market.

However, face the competition with foreign brand, person, low end repeats Chinese robot production industry is long-standing core technology and component be enslaved to be enslaved to “ of construction, enterprise is small, medicinal powder, the problem such as weak ” , large-scale machine substitution also is an acid test to homebred robot industry.

Data shows, our country involved the business that produces a robot to exceed 800, exceeding 200 among them is robot noumenon production enterprise, give priority to in order to assemble with acting treatment for the most part, be in the low end of industrial catenary, the industry is spent centrally very low, overall scope is little, innovation ability is fragile.

Although look from the whole nation, have not appear the machine substitution phenomenon of large area, but appeared already in the foreland of the eastpart part that is a delegate with Guangdong, Zhejiang change of sex of this one trend. Current machine substitution distributings in area those who go up to be centered most is bead trigonometry and long triangle. Among them, bead trigonometry is a delegate with Guangzhou, Fosan, industrial robot application measures very big; to grow trigonometry above sea, Jiangsu to be a delegate, a few big tycoons that the robot makes all have position here.

The personage inside course of study looks, in home, for numerous to the amount medium and small businesses, want to realize the large-scale application of industrial robot, cost remains very large block. The crucial component as a result of robot industry is homebred without implementation change, this also brings about robot equipment cost to hold high directly and outclass abroad congener product, this to medium and small businesses character is a tremendous barrier.

Industry of Chinese industry robot looks be like supply and demand two flourishing, the personage inside course of study points out, the Chinese production in industrial robot and applied domain with in low end is given priority to, the industry innovates urgently upgrade. Current, robot noumenon is low upright product overheat, high-end product supply is not worth badly, product low end changes an appearance serious, accelerate a product to upgrade to high-end market, be helpful for escalating level of innovation of whole of industry of our country robot.