Paper value violent wind rises China of base paper supply deficiency to the net is bought or encounter paper box crisis

Published on 2019-12-10

Day intermediary says, the China that dimensions enlarges quickly is bought in the net, mail the paper box with indispensable wrap up is immersed in supply insecurity. The price of base paper is in one year Li Biao rose recently 7 into. A day of “ that produces 1 billion package double 11 ” shopping section is coming, ” of be in short supply of “ paper box has begun to let incessantly of complain of suffering of the personage inside course of study, its influence can affect even Japan.

According to ” Japanese economy news ” reported on September 14, “ begins to go up from today tone product value. Industry of paper of dragon of manufacturing business nine is in product of ” China’s oldest board base paper to announced to go up on September 11 tone product value, this had been August since this company raises price the 4th times. According to industry relevant personage introduces, in July 2016 every tons 3000 yuan of base paper prices of the left and right sides had exceeded every tons in September 2017 5000 yuan.

The report says, wait for a company in Alibaba drive below, the net is bought get popular quickly in China. The amount of small-sized wrap up that issued via express 2016 achieves 31.3 billion.

On the other hand, answer one of measure of the environmental problem such as air pollution as Chinese government, papermaking enterprise is faced with more strict superintendency. The medium and small businesses that exhaust emission does not amount to mark is forced to close stop. As a result of,this violent wind of base paper price rises is on one hand increase sharply of paper box demand, because furnish,also be on the other hand defer.

The report says, aggravate rises in price the still the government is imported to waste paper restriction of pressure. In recent years, the interfuse in the ” of alleged “ renewable resources that imports China from Europe abandon cheaply in great quantities old plastic with scrap iron, cause critical clamour, criticise “ China became the Tophet ” of the world. Then, the government announced to stop to include partial waste paper in July inside the entrance of reject.

China is annual from the overseas market that includes Japan inside the entrance abandons old paper 17 million tons, regard production as the raw material of paper box. Without raw material nature cannot be produced. Since July, rise in price violent wind while, “ does the crisis feeling that is less than paper box ” to also begin to spread.

The report says, annual in November, the large network that starts by the enterprise such as Alibaba buys “ of sales promotion activity double metropolis of 11 ” shopping section is in China fervent spread out. If paper box stopped money, the premise that buys brought easy life by the net also will collapse subsequently. Be in China, waste paper reclaims business is flourishing arisen.

2016, wastage of board base paper achieves 46 million tons, 1/3 what take the whole world.