Paper value open doomsday mode , is book value still carried?

Published on 2018-11-26

Be in early last year second half of the year, in the light of Chu Loumiao the paper value of the head rises in price wet, the personage inside course of study is analysed, passed Spring Festival price was met 2017 hasten is firm; Somebody was forecasted in January 2017, value of the paper inside March will tend stable; In March somebody is looked into, in July this round explode go up may stop. However, till today, the downstream young associate on publication industry catenary already by round another round rise in price whole “ is muddled encircled ” .

“ book imprints came out, bale used paper case stops money. ”

“ forth one pace is to rise in price, drop back one pace is shutdown. ”

“ my desire abandons paper and go, fear closing again stop machine. ”

“ fries a room fry paper ’ as ‘ , the child, mom is done to paper of dot of your store up dotal! ”


From the feedback that rises to paper value inside course of study of close period of time, the attitude that can see authority apparently already annoyed from open-eyed translate into, translate into spits groove helplessly. If say, value of the paper end 2016 is to be in soare, 2017 value of paper of the middle ten days of a month is rise in violent wind, that today when this affection now this scene, what word do you still have to you can use those who describe paper value to go situation?

Review the past one year of value of the paper in time go up situation, do not know to be able to stop in the peak value of where today with until, be afraid this round rise in price will be in several years even tens of year paper price prices goes a curvilinear point of view with an unforgettable look over letting a person presents in situation. By 2016, price of paper of paper mill double glue is every tons of 5100-5700 generally yuan, Art paperEvery tons 5500 yuan or so; Up to on September 19, 2017, price of a week of double glue paper is every tons on average 6872 yuan, art paper every tons 6979 yuan, and rose respectively in a week 364 yuan mix 200 yuan

Recently, morning cries group hair case expresses to rose on September 25, 400 yuan are moved on product of art paper series / ton; Asia-Pacific dark rich (Guangdong) limited company will have paper industry on October 1 600 yuan are moved on value of product of base paper of double glue paper, electrostatic duplicate / ton …… this kind of speed, with “ ” of 10 days of a price are described had not followed to go up rhythm. And industry of paper of Hangzhou special type of limited company near future first ” the announcement that move price cases ” , although concern with publication print not quite, but also with one action becomes “ history on the most arrogant ” of the case that move price.

   Go up sound, be natural disaster or person disaster?

The publisher speaks say: We receive “ now the pose of the case that move price is much adepter than developing shipping list, the structure that composes subject matter to this kind can master —— adroitly to thank support and deep love + we should rise in price + ask you to get ready receive letter of an attune price. ” and besides indicate rise outside extent and newest price, case of most attune price can indicate stock of “ raw material rises in price continuously ”“ content flows suffer be restricted ”“ answers ” of environmental protection appeal to wait rise in price reason.

As we have learned, father as special punish, environmental protection the development that examine, this year since second half of the year, all sorts of raw material prices appear to rise considerably. Wait for metallic stuff from aluminium of iron ore, rolled steel, copper, wait for light industry product to chemical fibber, balata, papermaking again, rising without one exception almost, achieve inside year new tall.

On September 7, channel of CCTV finance and economics is less than value of paper of the 2nd attention inside half moon time to rise problem, with price of “ base paper bullish, ” of when the river rises the boat goes up too gives priority to paper value problem, those who invite the matter that the expert discussed paper value to rise jointly and backside of rocket of waste paper price is logistic, the expert agrees with epicycle basically to rise is demand answers warm cost ascendant be caused by. In supply side, environmental protection maintains add maximum pressure, rocket of waste paper price, with labor cost, Yuan Fucai makings cost rises wait for each elements, bring about supply deficiency. In the waste paper gross of papermaking, quantity of entrance waste paper holds half above, but no matter home or abroad, experiencing strict environmental protection superintend and director one round to check.