The Peoples Daily talks excessive pack: Pollute an environment to still pollute popular feeling not only

Published on 2018-11-26

The Mid-autumn Festival will come, rambling bazaar, commodity full of beautiful things in eyes, breed is various. The businessman puts all sorts of elegant gift in conspicuous position in succession, from smoke wine, tea, taste to moon cake, health care, pack more beautiful than, sell big fight to had begun.

However, a few commodity are gewgaw, phenomenon of the exceeding that pack also is common occurance however. Take moon cake for, ravel the box of annatto carve patterns or designs on woodwork, pare the adornment of silks, remain two moon cake with big fist only, let a person have the feeling of ” of “ keep the glittering casket and give back the pearls to the seller-show lack of judgment. Practical and good-looking, proper pack, can go to the lavatory already purchaser, can promote commodity additional cost again, give no cause for more criticism. But once pack a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, overmuch, bulk passes bad news capable person big, with expect high-grade, adornment is costly, be head and shoulders above the value of commodity itself, this took the branch for the root namely.

Actually, great majority is luxurious in packing, look lumpish, can throw away finally only, waste resource already, still pollute an environment. And a lot of pack the sponge in, plastic foam, hard degradation, to rubbish processing brings difficult problem. According to statistic, have in rubbish of our country city life at present exceeding 1/3 is rubbish of the sex that pack, 50% what bulk of the litter that pack occupies solid litter.

Long-term since, excessive pack suffer bad-mouth repeatedly, why be still popular? Very old rate is businessman add fuel to the fire. Delicate exterior, colorful adornment, can catch person eyeball more, make consumer much in numerous goods glance. Pack luxurious, commodity appears more on class, when the river rises the boat goes up too of social status nature, earned profit is more also. The commerce of this backside is logistic, not fathomless.

Drive besides the businessman’s interest, the idea of the basiccest not rational consumption that still depends on buying “ face ” at high price. In fact, average household buys goods, still pay attention to mostly cheap and fine, won’t beyond the mark pursuit is high-grade pack. Visible, excessive the goods that pack, the market is the mainest still taste consumption in Yu Li. The person of give sb a present is adopting class of mount of “ nice package, give sb a present moves to have the state of mind of face ” , excellent to commodity itself quality, instead does not care so, the most important is to look at “ lofty on ” goes. Good outer part, love is peacockish, be in so below the influence of social state of mind, excessive pack never lack the market it seems that.

Excessive pack make a few consumer vie blindly, conversely the businessman is looked at followed consumer mentality, upgrade ceaselessly pack, produce the product with gewgaw more, bring about vicious circle. A few courses are special the goods that pack, the price is common commonly those who pack is severalfold, taller even. But, business character is measured and do not have what different, what be in an unfavorable situation finally still is consumer. Go to again big look, “ is packed first-rate, 3 abortion taste ” , an enterprise, do not pay attention to on “ lining ” , fluctuate in “ face ” only however kongfu, also go against card of home made product grow.

What gift places originally is pure and plain affection, once excessive pack, make emotion went instead flavour, became the interest is carried and exchange. Especially those public money giver, the deeply touched that “ Kang thes state, the friendship ” with personal ties, final money is friendly two sky, be a lesson.

Excessive pack, pollute an environment not only, still pollute popular feeling. Accordingly, with its high price buys meaningless “ face ” , be inferior to establishing green mild to consume an idea, establish the human relationship of pure health. Transform social traditions, it is when for a long time result, businessman and consumer there is no shirking the responsibility.