Of backside of the university entrance exam secret : Examination paper pressworks factory rubbish carries nothing more than

Published on 2018-11-26

Every year millions examinee attends the university entrance exam, but you know examination questions life is made, presswork, carry, exam until read roll, be how undertake? What person rearward ensures the success of the university entrance exam? After the university entrance exam ends, reporter special interview the relevant expert of courtyard of Shandong province exam, decode backside of the university entrance exam for you those little-known “ secret ” .

Propositional and annual someone is cried by anxious “ brabbles be difficult with sb is very normal ”

[What person can attend proposition? ] problem of tall before exam is Ministry of Education unites a life to make. 2003, sichuan south county produces examination questions by pilfer incident. To alleviate security pressure, ministry of Education allows a few province own proposition.

What the life makes examination questions of the university entrance exam basically is college teacher, also have teachers of a few middle school backbone. Once be propositional person selected certainly, they will be closed by “ ” . During closing, the armed police guards a gate, the mobile phone is handed in, wireless signal screen, the paper for making manuscript with respect to use consecutively booked order.

Proposition of the university entrance exam has 3 principles: It is to accord with educational outline; 2 it is the requirement that accords with education to develop a target, should travel energy; 3 it is to should innovate, has used theme cannot reoccupy. Because place order exercise problems is hit by “ ,have propositional teacher every year ” and anxious gets snivel, still see of purpose abhorrent and brabble of be difficult with sb.

[How many does person of every course proposition have? How long do these teachers need to close? ] general every course 78 people, also some course ten people, the number differs. To propositional person close from arrive every year all the time by April the university entrance exam ends on June 8 afternoon. Once, shandong saves teacher of proposition of a the university entrance exam to fall ill during close be in hospital, it is the problem that prevent leak, can ask her to live only special ward, the armed police stands sentry 24 hours, by exam courtyard technical staff is accompanied protect. The university entrance exam ends, these teachers 3 years in also cannot disclose propositional person share, cannot accept media to interview.

Good examination questions hands in the life to inscribe personnel to try by careful. Careful inscribes personnel to be closed likewise, do not meet with propositional personnel each other, information is delivered by course secretary. Propositional expenditure occupies the 1/3 of expenditure of whole the university entrance exam commonly.

Imprint all rubbish forbid the factory outside carry is layer upon layer add close, armed escort in transportation

[Is examination paper of the university entrance exam in where black-and-white? ] presswork commonly the factory does not imprint. Can print examination paper of the university entrance exam, must be Ministry of Education and country what confidential bureau issues aptitude jointly is confidential presswork factory. Making lick Cheng also is whole sealing, armed police whole journey guards, electronic signal screen, worker and inspect imprint personnel eats and drink pull scatter it is completely inside.

All life rubbish does not allow outside carry, include hogwash barrel, must smash entirely sift out. All average per capita that contact examination questions are closed. Imprint besides inspect personnel, we are special in the job the attention is far from examination paper, wary looked not carefully to be closed. One year has an individual to feel he has “ ability ” quite, must enter presswork factory, good, went in, the university entrance exam is not over to be not thought out.

[Is printed examination paper how from presswork does mill use reach each city of the county? ] 3 days before the university entrance exam two, examination paper is about by send each city. Before carrying, examination paper already divided outfit paper bag, paper bag is sealed by model again. Once open,model is sealed, irreclaimable unvarnished. Once province has appeared examination paper is shifted to an earlier date to open discharge to inscribe incident, model is sealed avoided this to plant cogged likelihood.

The Che Youwu that carries examination paper alarm escort in transportation, patron wagon clear the way. There is GPS location system on every car, do not allow to stay in road. Every car railroad car has password lock, when amount to city to protect penetralia, the ability in the province can tell city the password in. Outfit of examination paper cent is in box of standard have a change of luck, there also is a lock on every case. Exam before today, examination paper transmits a county from city confidential room confidential room. Exam that day early in the morning, from the county confidential room carries each check a place. These two distance all whole journey kinescope, the data saves for future reference of half an year.