The paper that print moves valence to advocate the managing loop that use paper to use again and again

Published on 2018-11-26

Paper price rises, near future of the one box paper that print went up 15 yuan or so, office things expense is increased. A few units begin to set with the system managing with paper, the single page instead that print is double-faced print.

Managing do not print with paper watch screen

“ before two months, when I am purchased, the printing paper with this kind of better quality, one box (8 packets) 130 yuan, go up now 145 yuan. ”20 day, some company purchases the outskirt austral Xi’an Ms. Zhang says personnel, company leader attends a meeting ask everybody reduces the frequency that print as far as possible, if must want to print, original single page is printed instead is double-faced print. “ joins a contract, also ask double-faced print. It is economic control cost on one hand, it is to advocate authority on the other hand managing with paper, beside bagatelle does environmental protection. ”

Young manager of Li Xie of company of some science and technology says Xi’an: Before “ , job of plan, arrangement discusses when attending a meeting, can print a lot of identical plan books, join meeting staff everybody is one, it is OK to present concoctive book content present concoctive book content on screen of assembly room electron directly now. ”

The managing waste that it is flourish is shame

Seedling gentleman goes to work in a bank, because working property concerns, previously, when they conduct business to the client, want to use the paper of a lot of A3, A4 and other standards everyday, do not take care for instance clerical error a number, must write afresh again, the paper that writes before is thrown in paper basket.

Nevertheless, the amount that he discovers to the unit uses paper recently dropped a few, the recycle rate of paper rose. Original, the company works to put an end to wasteful, control cost, urge employee managing with paper, still put forward “ the catchword that the managing waste that it is flourish is shame ” .

Tall gentleman is the worker of some company, he says, the requirement in the company, everybody prints the paper that pass, if need not, must use circularly, put pen of special second birth paper, the reverse side can be printed again use. Margin is apart from a bit smaller, row spacing is a bit smaller, style is little.

Paper value was moved 45 times

20 days, the reporter visits shop of things of inn of material of bad news of things of inn of the many duplicate that print, office, stationery.

Salty Ning Xilu inside inn of things of a stationery, inn-keeper shows duplicating paper of 70 grams A4 says some brand, the price from 115 yuan before rise every 130 yuan every. The reporter goes up in white Lu Yuan inn of things of a stationery sees, every A4 here prints paper sale price 140 yuan.

“ boss, copy! ”“ copies a piece 1 yuan, if be on the face of positive and negative of a piece of paper,copy, also be 1 yuan. Inn-keeper of inn of material of bad news of things of ” some office says, do so purpose, it is for managing.

“2017 year the frequency that moves price is bigger than in former years, we often receive the announcement moving price of manufacturer, a year since moved 45 times in all. Boss of a stationer discloses ” . Suffer rise in price influence, sale relatively the corresponding period dropped 2016 20% the left and right sides. Before, a few shopkeeper for store up goods, one-time even buy 500 paper to taste, and at present, replenish onr’s stock enters 50 only.