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Published on 2018-11-26

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When economic data was about to produce heat first half of the year 2017, premier Li Kejiang was chaired on July 6 hold economic situation informal discussion, listen to the opinion proposal that expert and entrepreneur work to next economy, the analysis studies current economy runs a condition.

   Our country economy maintained first half of the year firm in to good posture

First quarter, our country economic situation is obtained firm in to good achievement, at that time ever somebody is right 2 quarters whether live firmly to had expressed this kind to be anxious to good the look of things. 2 quarters are very much now objective measures data to come out, on the whole, our country economy still continued firm first quarter in to good posture.

“ firm ” is behaved not only go up in GDP, more important is expression is on obtain employment. I had been told for many times, want to have more sufficient obtain employment only, have the income that increases ceaselessly and the environment that improve continuously, that shows economy moves in reasonable interval. This year 2 quarters, countrywide town surveys unemployment rate especially 31 big in the city surveys unemployment rate, not only good first quarter, better last year level of the corresponding period.

From the point of objective index, no matter be electricenergy production, wait a moment with volume of n, goods, imports and exports, especially enterprise benefit, continued first quarter to good posture. So orgnaization of organization of near future international and finance increases pair of China economy in succession add fast anticipate.

Make us feel gratified is more, chinese economy maintained “ firm ” not only, and in “ to good ” , economic structure is optimized continuously. This year first half of the year, we continue to implement vigorous finance policy and firm monetary policy, timely and proper fine tuning, end M2 was added compared to the same period in May fast fall 9.6% . We did not carry out flood flooding, advance structural adjustment through deepening reform however.

A few important data make clear, structure of our country economy optimizes posture very apparent. The first, consumption is being become help the main force that uses growth of our country economy. Since 2013, consumption is led to the contribution of our country economy already from 47% rise to this year 77.2% first quarter, 2 quarters still carried this one state. This explains we are in from excessive depend on investment to change direction to pay attention to consumption more. Consumption is final demand, consumption contributes the rise of rate, reflected our economy structure optimize, also mirror instead we are macroscopical economic stability sex is increasing.

The 2nd, service line of business increases a value to occupy GDP proportion to continue to exceed ” of “ half of country, and still expanding ceaselessly. This is a very big change, we still are among industrialized process, but service line of business is occupied than surpassing industry of just a little. From the development of the developed country course looks, tertiary industy surpasses industry of just a little, show economic structure appeared turn sex changes, also be the common law that economy grows. To China character, this kind of change particularly commendable: Because our labour force is numerous, and service line of business is the acceptance with the largest obtain employment implement; on the other hand, this also makes clear in new revolution of round of technology and industry change in, our service line of business seized this one opportunity, new job condition, new pattern is born emerge in endlesslyingly.

The 3rd, our country new kinetic energy is expanding flourishingly. A moment ago the expert puts forward, new kinetic energy already was amounted to at present to the force propping up of our country economy 30% . In fact, what we take a fancy to is new kinetic energy not only to economy prop up, value a lot of new job condition, new industry especially to obtain employment drive. Obtain employment is the people’s livelihood not only this, it is the source that creates wealth more. We are reformed a few this years through deepening “ to put a canal to take ” ceaselessly especially reform of trade issue system, be born everyday at present the enterprise is controlled 15 thousand times, individual and industrial and commercial door many 40 thousand, propped up increase labour force obtain employment newly in great quantities. Still cannot say now, new kinetic energy has become the main force that whole economy grows, but the future that it represented Chinese economy and development direction. Multifarious new job condition, new technology, last not only be pregnant with is ecbolic new kinetic energy, and also transforming promotion to wear traditional industry.