Paper value pulls the box that use paper to go up 80% , gush of wine look forward to rises in price those who cause murder case performing

Published on 2019-12-10

If say wine of low 2016 end and smooth bottle wine still can withstand, so now, wrap what material lasts to rise in price to had made some low carry be unable to stand of smooth bottle wine. Recently, environmental protection go on a tour of inspection raises the price of the commodities continuously, no matter small barbecue spreads out manufacturer of big still production is faced with close a business and stop production, be full of what encircle in the friend is the information of paper mill stop production, glasswork stop production; Subsequently and those who come is price of paper, glass rise. And respect of look forward to of terminal user wine spits groove, one rises in price by paper ” of caused “ murder case is being performed!

   Paper box relatively2016Year rose80%, wine look forward to is can’ted restrain announce to raise price

Began in September 2016, the raw material such as box of glass, paper, cap begins to rise in price, some rising in price range is top more than 50% . Environmental protection was checked 2017 strict, paper box already relatively rose 2016 80% , and glass and cap relatively had turned over 4 times 2017, went up 0.2 yuan / . County of city of a surname of lustre city of Shandong province He regards domestic breed as the most complete, dimensions the biggest, sale enclothes the widest wine kind the product that pack produces base, announced on August 12, 2017 all bag capable person rises in price.

And this month, it is to rise in price not only so simple. Because environmental protection is severe,check, factory stop production, the bag capable person that rise in price also became sweet pastry. Those who regard liquor as the industry is firm need, what to the liquor of the high end in rising in price to be opposite probably of vitreous bottle and paper box will tell and mean, but to low Duan Guang bottle wine is told, begin from last year, had assured profit hard.

   The near future wraps material to go up too badly, wine look forward to already was entered run without benefit quantity condition

“ bag capable person rises in price to be affected to smooth bottle wine bigger, the enterprise rises in price pressure appears. ”Ever accepted the paddy that interview to spend Yang Zong of pure market chief inspector to plaint 2016, bag capable person rose in price last year the profit that yields them attenuates, but, can change through dimensions deliver goods come to those who hire capable person offset rise in price. But 2017, paddy spends alcohol to had considered to want to raise the factory price of 5% .

What the main bag capable person such as glass of “ near future, paper goes up is too fierce, original company runnings without benefit namely quantity condition, such going down that rise in price is affirmative, before liquor busy season comes, affirmative meeting goes up, and scope is not little. ” Yang Zong complements.

In addition, in interview, anhui, the dealer of smooth bottle wine of Hubei, Sichuan shows about rising the hearsay of factory price is very much, they think below smooth bottle wine one rises in price current meeting comes.

Such terminal prices do not exceed similar paddy beautiful alcohol 15 yuan smooth bottle wine, brand force is not powerful, market base is weaker also, to rising in price the attitude is cautious. To do not affect terminal market, rise in price this tide may choose to be in greatly extremely leave factory upright. Consumer of wine of “ smooth bottle is very sensitive to the price, these two years of low end market competition is increasingly intense, a gleam of dare not go up easily. A controller of business of wine of the small bottle that carry light expresses ” .

May 2016, large sheet of byre hill core tastes 42 degrees of 500ml old wine rises every bottles 1 yuan;

2016 the end of the year, wine of golden sanded wine, green highland barley, strong wine announces product value is adjusted;

At the beginning of March 2017, cloth mixed small Lang Jiuxuan to will adjust the factory price of 45 degrees of 100 milliliter and 218 milliliter Xiaolang wine respectively on October 1 on April 1;

In March, limited company releases course of study of wool shop wine ” the case that about wool price of wine of the Qiao that spread suffering adjusts is accused ” , announce to rise from March 7, 2017, shop of wool of 42.8 degrees of 500ml suffers from Qiao wine (Hei Qiao) , shop of wool of 40 degrees of 500ml suffers from Qiao wine (Jin Qiao) , wool of 42 degrees of 125ml spreads channel of bitter Qiao wine the attune on the price and terminal price all fronts;

In May, byre hill announces to adjust product value system, 14 products rise in price;

At the beginning of August, anhui Hefei the current price lowest of 5 grain fluid is 820 yuan, on September 1 in interviewing, hefei batch of price of 5 grain fluid had achieved 850 yuan. “830 comes 880, but now the price a day an appearance. The dealer of ” Guangdong states 5 grain fluid has risen in the price of Guangdong, and price change is very sharp.