Paper industry appeared on the market 2016 company business income is broken through 200 billion

Published on 2019-12-10

  Integral battalion closes exceed 200 billion yuan of “100 enterprise of 100 million ” amounts to 9

2016, papermaking industry appeared the market level of unusual prosperity. According to papermaking association year the report shows, countrywide paper and chipboard output one hundred and eight million five hundred and fifty thousand tons, relatively go up year of growth 1.35% ; Consumption one hundred and four million one hundred and ninety thousand tons, relatively go up year of growth 0.65% . Although growth of volume of produce and sale is not apparent, but look from sale price, after following assured source, produce can fall into disuse, the hasten of environmental protection policy is severe, the industry is spent centrally rise ceaselessly, the bargain ability of big company is more outstanding, many paper plant annual to had experienced the process that raise price, especiallyWrapping paperWith culture paper, the frequency that raise price is frequent, range is distinct, also rise because of what this drove business income.

37 paper industry appears on the market the company realized business income in all 2016 two hundred and twenty billion four hundred and forteen million yuan, compared to the same period one hundred and ninety-nine billion one hundred and sixty million yuan of 2015, grew twenty-one billion two hundred and fifty-four million yuan, grew 10.67% considerably compared to the same period, add fast apparent.

Can see from inside the watch, 2016, 37 appear on the market in the company, 32 appear on the market the business income of the company obtained growth, only 5 glide. The camp that has 9 companies closes more than 10 billion, industry of nine dragon paper continues to rank the first place with thirty-two billion and ninety-three million yuan, morning cries paper industry is ranked with exceeding dimension twenty-two billion nine hundred and seven million yuan to amount to international the 2nd, share of industry of hill eagle paper, China peaceful and dimension amount to international to become “100 in enterprise of 100 million ” new member.

   Performance of 100 strong companies stabilizes the whole world state-owned company hinder sb

According to the global paper industry that RISI announced 2016 100 strong ranks look, according to doing business income is ranked, share look forward to of 13 China paper to enter sheet of a list of names posted up, among them 5 enterprises enter the whole world 50 strong. The platoon is in Chinese enterprise last is sunshine paper industry, list the 93rd, from the point of the change that battalion accepted 2016, 13 paper look forward to is great probability continues to stay in sheet of a list of names posted up, outside installing international and Yue Yanglin paper except constant, the rank of other company continues likely to advance. In addition, clean is arranged in soft nearly two years of development are rapid, become the 14th company that enters sheet of a list of names posted up likely.

In the rank 2017, only the battalion of 5 enterprises closes glide, among them 3 are state-owned company, it is Yue Yanglin respectively paper, silver-colored columbine investment and industry of constant abundant paper, show state-owned when the market flourishs company to still lack competition ability.

   Diversity business development is rapid

As the development of the enterprise, how using company dominant position better resource and appear on the market the place that company platform becomes an enterprise to pay close attention to, and the transition that what bring subsequently is company business, not be all businesses can have done papermaking business after all, and most extreme circumstance is to abandon papermaking thoroughly advocate course of study, this also is meant exit papermaking board piece.

Two when mentioned 2016 urgently the enterprise of transition, it is the Yue Yanglin paper with Chinese paper subordinate industry and industry of beautiful interest paper respectively, these two enterprises achieved a breakthrough 2016. In November 2016, blame of Yueyang forest paper issued application publicly to obtain Chinese card inspect to be able to issue examine and verify of committee of examine and verify to pass, this is passed for the company buy park company, realize industrial transition quickly, do further strong, do created strong condition greatly, in the near future, the company will make full use of to already resource advantage enters the industry such as gardens, reduce onefold papermaking business to manage the influence of outstanding achievement to the company.