Industry of papermaking of advent of busy season period maintains tall boom

Published on 2018-11-26

Build chipboard piece the market performance recently grabs an eye very, last week 5 build chipboard piece to go up achieve 2.32% , on September 11, this board piece rise once more 2.7% . With building chipboard piece on May 24 the level low of 1194.9 is fiducial, look header board piece goes up had achieved 30.45% .

Specific in light of, 11 days build chipboard piece inside nearly 9 into implementation rises, among them, strong harden of flourish Cheng environmental protection, market friendly share rises greatly 9.13% , beautiful interest cloud, morning cries new and high, rich collects a person of extraordinary powers of share of paper industry, China peaceful, expensive candy share, coronal paper industry, civilian abundant is special industry of paper, sun paper go up all also be in 3% above.

Orgnaization analysis thinks, short-term in light of, of all kinds paper is planted will enter peak period, in supply end produces the circumstance that can tighten up to fall, demand goes flourishing continuously, paper of domestic finished product especiallyWrapping paperHave what raise price continuously to anticipate. Will for a long time look, the abidance that reforms considering sex of supply side structure drive, and national level sends rigid environmental protection policy more, hopeful of bearing of papermaking trade tall situation continues.

The negotiable securities that bring a letter studies the report points out, consider oar price rebound the arrival that reachs peak period, paper of wood pulp class (copperplate / hectograph /White paperboard) new round rise in price to just started, rise in price the trend may arrive continuously at the beginning of next year; Additional, board /Corrugated paperThe price already achieved the history new tall, city will follow after waste paper price goes situation, the hopeful inside year maintains perch.

Be worth what carry is, be benefited paper industry tall boom and product raise price, outstanding achievement of the newspaper in building chipboard piece business is general better, 3 quarters hopeful exceeds again anticipate. Up to yesterday, already had 24 papermaking kind appear on the market the company already showed outstanding achievement of 3 quarterly reports premonitory, among them, outstanding achievement is fond of company home number to achieve 20 beforehand, occupy than 83.33% .

To this, golden negotiable securities points out the country, build high speed of chipboard piece outstanding achievement to grow, hopeful of trade situation bearing continues, growth of annual outstanding achievement does not have care.

A choice of mark go up, peaceful negotiable securities recommends core competition ability in ability of outstanding, gain is outstanding and appraise value is had go up value of 3 kinds of bibcock. Paper is planted respect, recommend corrugated paper of art paper, white paperboard and board 3 big paper are planted. Of corresponding bibcock mark: Sun paper industry, morning cries paper industry, rich collects industry of paper industry, hill eagle paper.