AR times: Paper ticket sing opera for you drama is appeared

Published on 2018-11-26

“ allows lover ’ as an operatic ‘ , want to accept artistic edification very much, but do not determine this operatic performance again whether can I be interested in …… to buy really do not buy a ticket? ” says candidly, similar “ psywar ” appears not less in our heart, however AR technology can let you sweep show ticket however, can “ shifts to an earlier date ” feels the spot, exceed assist?

On September 8, in Nanjing weak gain is met the spot, the reporter learns, the “TW-AR of newest research and development identifies a company of Zhenjiang engine ” will take the lead in cooperating with Jiangsu great theater, entrance ticket of every pieces of paper quality is in the —— on the entrance ticket that uses AR technology in great theater the AR“ of the mobile phone identifies ” to fall, can playing the wonderful part that gives corresponding performance at the moment, let your “ pass through ” reality, a strong interest passes in show spot.

Weak gain is met the spot releases AR latest technology

Bring meeting “ to call the show bill of operatic ”

See small pink and Xiaohuang are done not have? There can be them in actual setting, so one character of “ shoulds not ” skips in the mobile phone that took a staff member.

Take skill chance, camera lens is right anxious big screen, immediateness “ skips on mobile phone screen the two cartoon content that in giving ” reality, does not have, finger dot is OK still this relies on as interactive as them …… namely pattern recognition and experience of a kind of when alternant function comes true new AR.

On September 8, nanjing weak gain meets the following day, hand in the reporter that collect a place to be in what the spot of news briefing of an AR technology of Zhenjiang special performance sees a staff member to demonstrate, learn this technology has matured at present, the library ” that applying in “ to be able to be moved gradually, OK the show of a list of plays of “ interactive ” , OK the respect such as the scene area that “ visits ” accordingly.

Make a person more of hearten is, the newest AR that this technology brings experiences, what still will appear very quickly in us is daily in. Zhenjiang edifies Gao Zhishun of general manager of limited company of science and technology of digital the world to tell a reporter in interview, by this company the “TW_AR of own research and development identifies engine ” technology this to be about to apply on the show ticket of Jiangsu great theater, the likelihood that you will take henceforth is Zhang Hui is moved, can sing, the show ticket that can dance. It is reported, at present this company already signed cooperative agreement with Jiangsu great theater, predict to will be controlled this year in October, the show ticket of attribute of this kind of AR can appear in the citizen at the moment.

Before “ watchs a show, you can sweep paper ticket, a paragraph of corresponding show appearance can appear on the mobile phone, the likelihood is singing and dancing, concert is waited a moment, you can experience the atmosphere of this show ahead of schedule. ” Gao Zhishun tells a reporter, the paper ticket of Jiangsu great theater will learn not only henceforth show time, ground nods these information, still can “ reads ” to give vivid show setting.

Of scanning is calling card of a piece of bland scene area paper quality, the mobile phone is swept, appeared piece of 3D map, outside meaning, jing is not surprizing ~

Similar AR setting still will appear in sentence many tourist attractions of the look. Gao Zhishun discloses, this year in October, this company and sentence the AR map that the areas of 1000 scene of Hua Gu village of the Mount Hua that contain treasure cooperate or will go up line, the staff member takes out calling card of tourist attraction of a piece of paper quality in the spot, the mobile phone is swept, the reporter appeared at the moment the panoramic map of a piece of stereo 3D, nod scene area heat, still can appear relevant introduction.

Unscramble “AR+” :

Irregular change experiences how many kinds depend on embedded what technology

Reel off raw silk from cocoons of technology of will magical AR pares chrysalis ground is unscrambled, you can discover, it is a variety of technologies actually is integrated apply. AR can fluctuate a manner of how many kinds of experience, depend on embedded what technology. Dr. Hu Zhongshan tells CTO of limited company of science and technology of the world of river edificatory number the reporter, the “TW_AR of this company own research and development identifies engine ” , basically center in 3 technologies core: Pattern recognition, 3D reframes and attitude dogs.