Papermaking pressworks board piece active walk along industry of strong sun paper to go up even more 5%

Published on 2018-11-26

[ChinaPack pressworkIndustrial net edits viewpoint]

Early now dish, papermaking pressworks board piece active go strong, up to distribute news dispatches, sun paper industry rises 5.01% , industry of Jing Xing paper, bring Ni share, rich collects paper industry, industry of hill eagle paper, yueyang forest paper, morning cries paper industry all have good performance.

Analysis of peaceful negotiable securities thinks in, supply side reforms normalization, environmental protection hasten is severe quicken an industry to lag behind produce can go out naturally clear, superintend and director of exterior environmental protection checks as low as the natural disposition inside industry supply end growth to form the basis of tall boom of epicycle papermaking cycle. Demand end is seasonal the feature is apparent, of all kinds paper is planted second half of the year begins to will enter annual peak period, in supply end produces the circumstance that can tighten up to fall, demand goes flourishing benefit to maintain tall boom at the industry continuously. In the meantime, price of predicting follow-up wood pulp will look forward to is firm, overlay RMB appreciates element, benefit good wood pulp fastens product gain ability. Waste paper fastens product entrance to suffer below bounds setting, hopeful of raw material price continues to promote, the price that it is paper continues to go up offer prop up. The choice level of mark, we recommend core competition ability to highlight, gain ability is outstanding and appraise value is had go up bibcock value of the space. Paper is planted respect, recommendArt paper, White paperboardWith board corrugated paper 3 big paper are planted. Of corresponding bibcock mark: Sun paper industry, morning cries paper industry, rich collects industry of paper industry, hill eagle paper.