Paper quality is read resurgence everyday half hours of paper quality is read become the mainstream gradually

Published on 2018-11-26

A few days ago, shanghai news publication bureau is released ” 2017 Shanghai citizen reads state findings report ” . The report shows, shanghai citizen reads books of 6.64 paper quality one year on average (do not contain schoolbook and periodical) . relatively the number is read, paper reading appeal is picking up, everyday 30 minutes are read become the mainstream gradually.

“ Shanghai citizen reads a state to investigate project ” to entrust college of Shanghai grain industry, Shanghai to publish by Shanghai news publication bureau presswork advanced schools organization is carried out. The report this year carries 4685 effective sample book of analytic whole town, relatively comprehensive ground presents those who give Shanghai citizen to read the law.

Paper quality reads “ resurgence ”

The report shows, traditional paper quality reads the sign of ” of occurrence “ get warm again after a cold spell on Shanghai, of paper reader read the effect to getting of more Shanghai citizen approbate. Go one year, the paper books of Shanghai citizen reads a quantity on average to amount to 6.64. Among them, 7 to 18 years old of groups read a quantity on average to amount to 9.52, raise 1.15 than last year. Books of paper quality of Shanghai citizen average per capita reads a quantity to still be in countrywide front row.

Of fetching attention is, number of “ first selection reads the scale of ” to appear to drop apparently first after rising 3 years continuously. “ first selection is traditional this year (paper quality) the scale that reads ” is amounted to 46.62% , still the scale that number of first selection of tower above “ reads ” (21.43%) , both difference expand into 25.19 percent, this is this difference narrows two years continuously the following rebound first. And paper reader read the effect to also be approbated by more, think reader of “ paper quality has what had better read effect ” to get reader of number of tower above of scale of the person that visit 45.1 percent, for 2014 up to now the greatest poor value. Paper quality reads time to rebound first after dropping two years continuously, report goes out recently ” of resurgence of “ of reading of a year of paper quality. “30 minute the main current that reads ” to read paper books time everyday into Shanghai person gradually.

The report also has point out, the number reads blemish to had be notted improve is the main reason that creates this one situation. The number is read cannot cast off the person that read shallow to its “ the acknowledge that reads ”“ retrieval ” or “ to absorb information ” , from will for a long time look, this not only can create restriction to digital reading development, the “ in returning meeting influence number to read reads what ” this entirely reads aloud to deepen. Accordingly, from read target, content, quality, requirement, experience etc point to set out the improvement that has a product, it is the number publishs stability to be developed the market, actively, develop for a long time surely the road of classics.

Male woman difference is apparent

Compare 5 years with the past, the investigation content that reports this year more show perfect. On the investigation data base of sufficient full and accurate, the report is cut from angle of the age, profession, record of formal schooling, income, in the couple comparative premise falls, strive presents the female citizen of a relatively meticulous full and accurate to read state complete picture, the books sale that is Shanghai and read mobile plan to provide beneficial reference.

For example, the report shows in with “ fast the number that reads ” to be the mainstream reads a domain, the number of the male and female reads main target difference relatively apparent: Female more preference and couplet of the test of rigorous living conditions spend the content with literary close or stronger sex, the male is preferred practical strong or thought kind content. Accordingly, no matter be “ ,“ number reads ” , “ men and women has fastening ” is the element that the press nots allow to ignore.

In addition, the report still shows the option that raises cultural ” to serve as those who read booklist with “ this year rises considerably. In reading meaning side, the female thinks to read the it is significant to live and develop proportion to the individual male of summary prep above, but the job, research or study need ” and read to be “ , female photograph is not valued than the male. Means is read to go up in first selection, female relatively the male more partial paper quality is read.

And 2012 up to now, the choice of sort of books of Shanghai citizen be fond of is stabilized basically, ” of psychology of ”“ of daily life of ”“ of history of “ literature ”“ and “ economy / before administrative ” is held 5; Literary history kind books illegallies or forcibly occupy first selection all the time, 2 anthology. The report points out at the same time, from 2012 up to now, in the element that ” of “ content brief introduction and “ acquaintance recommend ” to be bought in books of influence paper quality all the time before the row two.