Much element drives paper value violent wind to rise whole industry chain when the river rises the boat goes up too

Published on 2019-12-10

Useless paper is very popular go up to 8 wool a jin

Suffer raw material cost to rise, the element influence such as the measure of a few environmental protection that the country publishs, the paper such as box of bumf, paper kind the price rises ceaselessly, all sorts of waste paper buy valence to also go tall all the way subsequently. On August 30, 31 days, the reporter visits faker of the city zone, reject to buy business, life to wait for discovery with paper mill, paper box factory, waste paper entrance suffers be restricted, waste paper end is supplied tighten up, waste paper became ” of “ sweet pastry, and paper price rises, ” of shrink of “ of profit of the industry that pack. To this, relevant expert expresses, as festal arrival, Wrapping paperThe sale such as box enters peak period, the price may go high continuously even.

The current situation

Bumf and paper box price rose

On August 30, the health lady that lives in Shandong to visit village of lotus of the city zone of Wei of Wei lane city in street of peace and tranquility place of a faker bought two packets of big toilet paper, discover price of bumf of period of time rises apparently recently. I remember “ before a few months, the price of bumf also 4.3 yuan a jin, go up now fast 5 yuan of money a jin. Ms. ” health says, in her impression, from 2016 the end of the year begins, the price of bumf all the way bullish.

Do net store business, live in Ms. Sun of village of bay of reed of Kui article area to also discover, now paper kind the price rises ceaselessly, it is bumf not only, a few pack used paper box price to also rise somewhat, every paper chest was swelled left and right sides of money of about two wool. Occupy Ms. Sun to understand, because stock cost rises, the price nature of paper box also rises accordingly.

Not only such, many citizens still discover waste paper is mixed now of waste paper box buy the price to also begin to rise. Live in Wei the city zone on the west garden street and nursery near 2 across mouth Ms. Li of a village says, a few days ago she clears away a house in the home, oneself old newspaper, will old records and box of a few waste paper sell entirely.

“ waste paper is 8 wool money now a jin, waste paper box sold 7 wool money a jin. Ms. ” Ms. Li says, she calculates, oneself share many jins 50 waste paper and waste paper box, sold about 40 yuan of fund, also sell previously 20 multivariate. Besides waste paper, of a few reject reclaim the price also is rising.


Raw material rise in price stop production of small paper mill

On August 31, be in near mouth of across of Shou Dongjie of blessing of Kui article area and You Lin road before the shop door of bumf of a sale, put a blackboard as usual, the price that has toilet paper is kept above. The reporter observes discovery carefully, the price above has been changed for many times. Merchant expresses, because bumf rises in price ceaselessly now, they just change the value ceaselessly. Before 4.3 yuan of a jin bumf, had gone up now 4.8 yuan a jin, previously 3.8 yuan a jin now already 4.3 yuan a jin.

“ bumf had risen in price now, we rose into commodity price many, recently a few months the price of every jins of bumf rose about left and right sides of 5 wool money. ” this merchant expresses to the reporter.

Around happy street and mouth of across of Wei city district all sorts of lives use a sale the faker of paper expresses, a few production lives were shut with the small plant of paper now, cause paper kind of the price rise.

To the reason that rise in price, the reporter covered many large paper kind manufacturer home. Lin Sheng uses beauty of couplet of Wei lane constant alive limited company staff member tells paper the reporter, the attune on bumf price, because raw material cost and other are integrated,be of cost rise continuously be caused by.

Morning cries group staff member expresses to the reporter, paper kind rise in price the mainest reason is price of raw material wood pulp rose every tons to be controlled 1000 yuan above all; Next, the raw coal price that produces paper need also appeared to rise; Finally, as a result of the measure of a few environmental protection that the country publishs recently, cause a few pollution heavier small paper mill is shut or stop production, this also is a when paper price rises main reason.


Waste paper entrance suffers be restricted nearly 5 years maximum price

Current, waste paper forms scale mediumly to rise increasingly in papermaking raw material, after paper price rises, look forward to of a few paper begins rush to purchase in succession, the raw material such as waste paper became ” of “ sweet pastry.

The time that in small commodities of heart of a person of extraordinary powers of Wei the city zone the Wang Degui that all sorts of waste product buy near the city is engaged in this having all right more than 5 years. He feels, 2017 the paper such as waste paper and waste paper box kind reclaim the price is this 56 years inside highest.