Chinese economy data worried about fact of Chinese economy be issued to lower levels to not have July necessary

Published on 2019-12-10

On August 14, chinese economy data justed to be released July, blast of market immediately “ opened boiler ” . The face is added to industry, investment fast fall after a rise, for a short while, two large investment add ”“ of fall after a rise of all fronts of data of “7 menstruation aid fast in pairs glides the ” topic that becomes heat of a few media, orgnaization to discuss, and somebody unscrambles his directly for “ this year before economic general tall hind meeting of second half of the year of economy of low ”“ China faces risk of very big be issued to lower levels ” . To this, the expert points out, from the point of macroeconomic situation, be issued to lower levels of economy of beyond the mark anxious China does not have really necessary: On one hand, growth of economic stability of China of second half of the year still has safeguard this year, the goal that achieves annual to grow 6.5% to control does not have be concerned about basically, and in the high speed in returning aux will be able to for a long time to maintain grows; On the other hand, the development that reforms as sex of supply side structure is advanced, of new old kinetic energy accelerate changeover, the competition ability of Chinese economy, vigor will increase ceaselessly, economic tenacity will be more sufficient.

Reason of data fall after a rise looks

July, data of Chinese economy share appeared fall after a rise. Data of national statistic bureau shows, july, industry of countrywide dimensions above increases a value to grow 6.4% actually compared to the same period, fall after a rise of the month on increasing ratio 1.2 percent; Social consumable total volume of retail sales grows 10.4% , fall after a rise of the month on increasing ratio 0.6 percent; 1-7 month, countrywide fixed assets invests (do not contain farmer) grow 8.3% , fall after a rise of month of increasing ratio 1-6 0.3 percent.

“ is macroscopical economy, the short-term wave motion of economic data is very normal, especially Chinese economy is lying the period that accelerates changeover of new old kinetic energy, the development of new kinetic energy, old kinetic energy returns unfinished complete stability to come down, this is the wave motion of economic data with respect to light show in macroscopical respect. Accordingly, right the fall after a rise of data is unfavorable and exaggerated July unscramble, should more rational go looking. On one hand industry, investment add fast overall it is small fall after a rise, belong to the limits of normal wave motion; Add fast fall after a rise to have its on the other hand special, accidental element, especially high temperature weather lasted July, big damage caused by waterlogging is killed more serious, production is managed, cast financing activity to suffer this influence to put delay somewhat. When Zhao Xijun of assistant dean of college of finance of finance of university of ” China people is accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, say.

In addition, notable is, although ministry mark was occupied July relatively go up month or first half of the year somewhat fall after a rise, but relatively the corresponding period is overall last year still rise: Industry increases value increasing ratio to go up year accelerate 0.4 percent with the month, on retail increasing ratio year accelerate 0.2 percent with the month, on increasing ratio of investment of before 7 months year the corresponding period accelerates 0.2 percent.

It is more important to carry qualitative synergism

Besides speed, chinese economy still is having more serious attention to nod. Mao Chengyong of spokesman of news of national statistic bureau expresses, from will look currently, chinese economy is overall and smooth, firm in to good, also be to deepen reform of sex of supply side structure, a when push key domain and crucial link reform important window period. Chinese economy should go after economy to have “ not only piece head ” , return so that want to have “ muscle ” , ambitious be good at. From this angle for, we more attention dots want those who be put in Chinese economy to carry qualitative, synergism, upgrade come up, this bit is more important.

According to national statistic bureau newest data, industrial respect, july, hi-tech industry raises a cost add fast be 12.1% , equipment manufacturing industry raises a cost add fast be 10.7% , raise a cost than dimensions above industry respectively add fast should fast 5.7 with 4.3 percent. Investing a respect, conventional manufacturing industry investment is added fast putting delay, but investment of the investment of hi-tech industry, equipment manufacturing industry is being advanced with comparing high rate. In infrastructure investment, investment of environmental protection domain grows 40% above considerably, than going up year of the corresponding period accelerated 13 percent above. Obtain employment topological features is certain in to good, town surveys unemployment rate July is 5.1% the left and right sides, relatively last year fall after a rise of the corresponding period, town added month of obtain employment 1-7 newly to add 8.55 million person, than going up year of the corresponding period became much 200 thousand person.