Newspaper rises in price paper intermediary or defect predicament of one disaster after another

Published on 2018-11-26

2017, whole of Chinese cable industry runs a state still difficult and heavy, below the circumstance that still regards newspaper as source of main business income in current ad income, the ” of “ bluff type of its income glides, develop plus other business slow and the talent is ceaseless of the element such as prediction of a person’s luck in a given year aid push, brought about current China to sign up for course of study to be faced with live tremendously the crisis.

On August 19, shandong morning cries a “ that the group releases carries price case ” to express, since this day, NewspaperSeries product is in at present the general on price foundation moves 500 yuan / ton. On August 22, a “ that industry of paper of Shandong China peaceful releases rectifies the case ” of newspaper price to express about tone, since this day, newspaper series product is in at present price foundation before last moves 500 yuan / ton. It is reported, at present the whole nation already had 70 paper to the factory raises price or suspend accepting the order, will tell to paper intermediary, this is one disaster after another undoubtedly.

   Multiple element brings about paper value to rise

Suffer effect of policy of limitation of entrance waste paper, quantity of entrance waste paper suffers be restricted, merit of photograph of domestic newspaper crop is restricted; Produce newspaper place to rise in price with raw material; Below the circumstance that cost continues to rise, although newspaper rises in price, gross profit rate still is planted as other paper, partial manufacturer must use finite resource at producing gross profit to lead taller other paper to plant in order to get profit, the newspaper with one original part is produced can transfer; Add quality of aspirant mouth waste paper to glide continuously, affected the rate that become paper badly, the newspaper that a ton of waste paper yields than before decrease relatively; Suffer effect of environmental protection element, partial paper mill is likely the crop that the reason such as stop production affected newspaper, also caused newspaper price rise.

   Supply and demand of newspaper of predicting second half of the year is balanced

Sign up for according to China assist statistic, the crop of newspaper of second half of the year wants prep above this year first half of the year. Domestic newspaper total output is controlled for 1.65 million tons about this year, its China peaceful, morning cries, the crop of the big paper mill such as wide paper, Shan Ying, Chen Long is 1.55 million tons about, medium or small the crop of paper mill is 100 thousand tons about, than last year 1.8 million tons output falls 150 thousand tons, drop extent is 8.3% . Importing paper respect: Predict to import a quantity to be 200 thousand tons about this year, ambitious last year 100 thousand tons entrance is measured. The place on put together is narrated, total supply is newspaper about this year 1.85 million tons.

Newspaper office of generous of paper of 94 family expenses predicted whole nation of second half of the year to measure 488 thousand tons with paper 2017, than first half of the year the 469 thousand tons quantity that use paper increased 19 thousand tons, amplitude is 4.1% , the circumstance of this and in former years agrees basically, second half of the year wants the over amount using paper first half of the year, because the reduces edition and second half of the year to issue season sales promotion account of the Spring Festival is caused first half of the year,this basically is. Review annual, these 94 newspaper offices predict the total this year volume that use paper is 957 thousand tons about, than using paper actually last year the quantity reduced 83 thousand tons 1.04 million tons, fall for 8% . The whole nation signed up for trade newspaper total dosage to be 1.901 million tons 2016. With this computative, annual newspaper total dosage predicted to be 1.75 million tons about 2017. Accordingly, market of newspaper of second half of the year achieves balance of supply and demand basically. But the factor that affects price of paper supply and demand, paper still exists, paper intermediary cannot treat sth lightly.

   How should cable industry answer heavy difficulty

  Improve content quality

The reader expresses, a lot of content on newspaper can see on the mobile phone, and the rate that sees news is rapidder, because this buys paper no longer, if there is the implied meaning of a few high qualities on newspaper, still be willing reading. Newspaper content is worth a reader to watch, ability rises in price appropriately below the circumstance that fortunately newspaper rises in price ceaselessly, can lose more readers only otherwise. Tentative idea you are putting advertising on moment, also be willing to choose to suffer numerous wider platform, if newspaper can attract more readers, sales volume went up, can raise sales revenue not only, also can greet more advertiser.

   Begin shirt-sleeve development