Does one-time paper cup also have the expiration period? The paper cup that expires in refuse home rapidly!

Published on 2018-11-26

“ cannot think of one-time paper cup also has the expiration period really, placed time to grow to be able to become moldy, I think short of has used paper cup, take at any time can use. ” recently, the citizen model lady that lives in village of clear spring of Xue the city zone will place old paper cup to take entertainment visitor in the home, unexpectedly occasion is very awkward.

Fan Nv person says, a few years ago, because the guest in the home when daughter marriage is more, she bought many one-time paper cup from the supermarket. After “ daughter gets married, one-time paper cup was remained many, the guest that comes in the home at ordinary times is little, I had not been moved all the time with respect to the corner that puts paper cup in ambry, for dustproof, I still am used designedlyPolybagWrapped rise. ” recently, nonlocal kin comes the be a guest in the home, fan Nv person turned over the paper cup in ambry to pour water to guests, a kin took paper cup to be put down again, is cup of water of Home “ your home put very long? Seem to have mildew spot. The word of ” kin let Fan Nv person frighten jump, she takes cup observation carefully, discover paper cup interior has the small mildew spot of circuit black really, fan Nv person saw the outer packing bag of next paper cups again, discovery already passed the expiration period 2 years. The paper cup of money of a few wool lets “ atmosphere becomes very awkward, we pay close attention to the expiration period of food at ordinary times, who knows paper cup still has the expiration period. ” Fan Nv person say.

Fan Nv person resembles in the life same citizen is absent a few, the reporter asked a few citizens randomly, no matter discovery is in be being bought or using a process, the citizen that observes expiration period of one-time paper cup is very few. The reporter visits partial supermarket of the urban district to see, orderly ground puts the one-time paper cup of all sorts of brands to go up in goods shelves. Its wrap mount to imprint have corresponding manufacturing date and expiration period, the expiration period of different cup also each are not identical, 5 the expiration period is long years, short have 9 years only. And inside inn of a few wicket, some pack the one-time paper cup that the businessman takes out simply only, do not have specific manufacturing date and expiration period.

When many consumer are choosing one-time paper cup, pay close attention to the price or brand mostly, undertake contrast to the feature such as the exterior, soft strong pitch, do not meet too much the manufacturing date that cares about paper cup and expiration period. Many consumer say frankly, oneself do not know “ paper cup also has expiration period ” to say.

The Xiaoqin that in the Ou Mou in city the institution goes to work says, there is cup of several kinds of one-time papers in the home, some had put 35 years even, in ambry time grew, there can be the taste that nod mildew when be being taken, but the issue that had not wanted to expire. However, also somebody cares nothing to this problem, “ paper cup expired can how, very hot very hot can use all the same. Gentleman of ” citizen week says.

Consumer should see product outer packing first before buying one-time paper cup complete, have without production date, expiration period and manufacturing license number, QS marks. If inaccuracy decides a medium one-time paper cup to whether expire, had better not use so, lest cause a disease.

Be aimed at the circumstance that Fan Nv person appears, doctor proposal, the water cup of use glass or quality of a material of pottery and porcelain is the most healthy, if must use one-time water cup, ought to buy the normal product inside the expiration period, avoid to expire the bacterium that causes in paper cup and fungus cause respiratory tract disease, had better iron paper cup with boiled water first before use.