The robot that pack applies a technology to analyse

Published on 2018-11-26

The maintenance that robot technology changed the industry that pack demand. General-purpose safe solution applies to new generation no longerPackage machine. All sorts of equipment should consider act of safe control, safe light and safe laserScanner, ensure robot technology is completely safe, reduce product damage.

As robot system extensive agile development, robot and product line connection are closer and closer, because this aggrandizement ensures measure, as better as operator communication is very necessary.

In the past, plan is safeguarded to abide by “IfX commonly in the industry that pack, the logic of ThenY” . Simple and safe module and be on guard monitoring controller can satisfy requirement of the most operation that pack. Through introducing agile robot technology, the robot can use double entry line and duty to execute many missions, the safety precaution becomes more complex.

Safety protects controller: A robot needs many safeguard measure to produce effect in many domains, be like emergency stop button, smooth act and safe switch. Besides, these different function need can be operated with another each other independence and combination.

Safe protection controller provides compositive means, reduce the operation risk that runs multiple and safe unit. Luo Baihui citing says vice-chairman of association of technology of Dongguan city robot, if a machine has control of emergency stop button, both hands, safe light,act and interlocking safety leave close, controller of so safe protection can use a variety of safe modules only or the one fraction of safe PLCs cost runs all operations. Safe protection controller also can provide the many functions related to safety, be like Jing Yin or bypass monitoring of safe light act, peripheral equipment (hand of EDM) , monitoring moves restoration function and logistic function to found different area and conditional logic.

Can inspect condition directive: Cooperate as robot and mankind closer and closer, letting each operator know to maintain position is very necessary. Can inspecting safe condition to indicate is trend of a rapid growth. Urgent stop pushbutton, interlock and safe rope to pull increased communication, drive and suspend a requirement.

Illume is urgent stop pushbutton: Can be being enabled with machine of yellow colour specification or express to stop a condition to already was started with red. Condition directive can protect a worker not only, also can recognize a problem very effectively on the line that pack really – should join especially when a series of pushbutton. Can inspect condition directive to be able to let operator know which pushbutton is pressed, making them rapid decide an issue is from why and come, make the worker can solve a problem quickly, make this product line runs again.

Optics protects a technology: When the robot packs product line conformity to superstratum further, can raise the possibility that the robot works side-by-side with the mankind. The physics that does not introduce clumsiness to allow a worker protects protective screen, optical protection technology is the optimal safeguard plan in the robot application that pack.

Safe light act: The different entrance of robot unit can appear when execute many missions when the robot or supporting many product line. For instance, a stacking machine implement person unit is entered in new splint and blade point, in be full of goods dish place exit. Safe light act can be spent with the least damage safeguard effectively many receive a point. Pass smooth act of safety of alternative quiet tone, goods dish can be flowed into freely with the product and pour out of unit, also can protect a staff member to be far from dangerous area at the same time.

Safe laser scanner: Safe laser scanner uses surroundings of pulse laser scanning, have the area of the information of scanning and predefine comparative next. If scanner detects,the object invades robot work area, for instance the person can give out break alarm to protective machine.

Area laser scanner is muti_function, blame invade a gender to ensure measure. Unlike is other rigid guard equipment, crawl or safe air cushion, the working principle of laser scanner does not have physical protective screen. Safe laser scanning also is safe light at the same time the good solution that act cannot enclothe the Leakey of area effectively to pack application.

Straight strong pattern is rated equipment: Enter when the machine machine program and the primary domain that pack, they can be mixed with food, pharmacy contact of other and groovy straight material developing type. These robots need rated protector of IP67 and IP69K to try to defend. Safety of straight strong pattern stops act, urgently solely and interlock is more and more popular in the industry that pack.