Waste paper entrance suffers be restricted downstream paper is planted spread out new one round rise in price

Published on 2018-11-26

Close phase, fractionize paper is planted situation split up somewhat, culture paper kind the product maintains exalted concussion, andCorrugated paperHowever a new force suddenly rises, entered new round of cycle that raise price. Canvass rises in price logistic, because next processional course of study begin to enter traditional busy season to intensify stock up,basically be, and be restricted because of importing waste paper to suffer, the price of domestic waste paper that cost carries rises power is greater about.

   Corrugated paper price blazes new trails again tall

In light of fractionize, culture paper kind product since May 2017, the price maintains exalted concussion, its are main price of Euramerican entrance pulp also rose raw material in June 2017 oneself go up situation hasten delay, be in perch at present dish whole. But at the same time, Board paper, the corrugated paper paper that basically is raw material in order to abandon pulp is planted the price is greeted however new round go up greatly.

Although the price before this ever somewhat fall after a rise, but after rising through round of the near future, the price of board paper, corrugated paper is achieved again piece new tall. The paper price data that the reporter dogs shows, market of the closest corrugated paper all valence odd week rises 233 yuan, reach 4815 yuan / ton. In addition, flour ox blocks paper, white paperboard to also enter new rise in pricing periodic, flour ox paperboard two rise inside week 350 yuan, reach 5326 yuan / ton; White paperboard two rise inside week 233 yuan, reach 4821 yuan / ton.

“ waste paper carries for should be being tightened up, it is the paper such as paper of corrugated paper, board kind the main factor that rise in price. A personage inside course of study points out ” .

It is reported, the main raw material of paper of corrugated paper, board is waste paper. Waste paper basically counts an import before this, because current and overall contractive waste product is imported, waste paper entrance suffers naturally be restricted. In August the middle ten days of a month, the new edition that environmental protection ministry issues ” entrance trash runs list ” in, the waste paper without sorting already from ” limitation is imported kind can use as the solid trash catalog of raw material ” adjust include ” prohibit importing solid trash catalog ” , and (useless broken) paper and chipboard include to abandon special type paper to also ban list ” in “ in.

The gross of waste paper entrance of the home before this is successive already two months glide, from May 2.44 million tons fall reach 2.13 million tons of July, extent glides inside two months nearly 13% . Answer relatively to it, it is the price that the country abandons rises ceaselessly. Up to on August 23, yellow paperboard of national useless class A (Jiang Zhe) it is 2350 yuan / ton, class A yellow paperboard (Shandong) it is 2180 yuan / ton, compare with phase of the data at the beginning of August, go up it is respectively 13% with 5% , achieve inside year new tall.

A appear on the market in the company, rich collects paper owner to want in order to produceWhite paperboardGive priority to, industry of industry of hill eagle paper, Jing Xing paper is dedicated the production at board paper, corrugated paper. Industry of hill eagle paper achieved distribution of entire industry catenary, produce can, the market is had rate in fractionize board piece appear on the market bibcock position is in in the company.

   Busy season will come rise in price motivation is abundant

The weak busy season of “ papermaking course of study is apparent still, look on whole, entered the first peak period March commonly; 6, smoother July, belong to off-season; Four quarters can enter the peak period with the longest duration again. ” course of study of a papermaking is senior the personage to reporter introduction, think formerly 2017 in year, the price can have become loose, but in light of now, the price fell to did not have a few days to rebound, a lot of breed still was achieved new tall, the “ play ” of annual prices has decided basically.

Supply side reform and environmental protection hasten are severe cause a share stop production of small-sized papermaking company, also be to cause the main factor with lopsided supply and demand of board paper, corrugated paper.

On August 22, environmental protection ministry holds an informal discussion, the requirement is carried out fulfil ” about prohibiting silvering coin rubbish enters a country advance solid trash to import administrative system to reform executive scheme ” , put forward future to superintend aggrandizement the process, continue to maintain execute the law high-pressured posture. Environmental protection strength increases continuously, the probability of go back to work of the small-sized papermaking business that assumes ability of environmental protection equipment to revise cost feebly will be reduced further.