Market observation: Paper price rises profit of the industry that pack shrink

Published on 2018-11-26

“ paper price rises ceaselessly, purchase rely on basically to grab. ” recently, paper price rises cause the personage inside course of study to pay close attention to.

Limited company basically produces industry of paper of desolate county Lin PingCorrugated paper, Board paperWait for industry to pack with paper, year productivity 450 thousand tons. “ is close since a few months, paper price rises continuously, it is with corrugated paper exemple, lowest of factory price of the beginning of the year 2700 ~ 2800 yuan / ton, had gone up to 3800 ~ now 4000 yuan / ton. Li Jian of controller of ” this company is set say.

Paper price rises, walk along high component not to leave all the way with raw material price. Of useless chipboard of “ the beginning of the year buy price just 889 yuan a ton, go up to 2300 yuan to control a ton now. ” Li Jian sets the introduction, the raw material contention between paper look forward to is unusually intense, often money does not receive waste paper. Below normal circumstance, company stock waste paper can satisfy 20 days of production to need, and stocks can use 3 days only now, if come up against,connect overcast and rainy, raw material is supplied more nervous.

Limited company of color print of Hefei great plan is one of papermaking businesses with Hefei not much amount to, basically produce corrugated paper. Company controller Liu Youlong introduces, last year since September, paper price rises continuously, the price of corrugated paper from 2800 yuan / ton, 4000 yuan when go up to now / ton. And as the Mid-autumn Festival, “ double 11 ” are coming, Wrapping paperThe industry will enter consumptive peak period again, paper value will still continue bullish.

As we have learned, recently, enterprise of papermaking of countrywide much home raises price again, suffer its to affect factory of box of much home paper to also move price again and again, the extent that move price is in 5% ~ 12% differ. Clearly, papermaking enterprise already cannot digest the cost pressure that rises ceaselessly by oneself. Eminent achieves information data to show, whole nation of useless July old yellow board all valence is 1821.72 yuan / ton, rise compared to the same period 47.50% ; July board paper whole nation all valence is 4472.22 yuan / ton, rise compared to the same period 49.07% ; July corrugated paper whole nation all valence 3934.16 yuan / ton, rise compared to the same period 58.23% .

Paper price rises, enterprise of benefit good papermaking. Industry of hill eagle paper is me the company of paper trade group with the biggest province, the half annual report that this enterprise issued recently shows, this company realizes business income first half of the year 7.461 billion yuan, grow 38.10% compared to the same period, the net gain with possessory parent company of implementation vest in 826 million yuan, grow 450.95% compared to the same period.

Liu Youlong thinks, current paper price soars not to eliminate to acclaim element cause trouble, from the point of demand end, change is not apparent. “ is a few more downstream order of the plant that pack increases an amount and not quite, the demand to wrapping paper also does not have the industry such as business of home appliance, cable to increase apparently. ” although paper value violent wind goes up, liu Youlong not dare blind dilate is produced can, build product line to be thrown not only big, and cycle is long, want ability go into operation two years commonly.

In interviewing, still controller of paper look forward to expresses, although drove sale to soar,paper price rises, but how much didn’t real profit increase. Paper price rises too quickly the raw material of meeting aggravate enterprise supplies pressure, the enterprise hopes paper tastes the price that can have a relative stability more.

Waste paper became look forward to of paper of ” of “ sweet pastry to contend for raw material actively

Analytic personage points out, paper price rises, it is to suffer manufacturing cost to involve the effect that rise on one hand, the environmental protection cost that is tall look forward to on the other hand is brought about many in stop production of small papermaking company, be restricted to produce, the part is produced can exit.

Much at 7 o’clock on August 17 morning, hefei city buys a station to had opened the door via driving a waste product of the area do business.

“ is close skyrocket of waste paper of a few months. Useless paper goes up one jin to 89 wool from the 56 wool money of the beginning of the year a jin, useless chipboard the beginning of the year or 4 wool money a jin, now already 78 wool money a jin. Boss of ” chief king tells a reporter, they sell large reject to buy a station the waste paper that receives, large the paper mill outside buying a station to sell past province again.