Arrive from conformity go bankrupt the countryside of papermaking look forward to of the biggest paper always is accusing topple with a loud crash

Published on 2020-09-08

On August 16, 2017, court of people of Hangzhou city Fu Yang district releases announcement to say, ruling Zhejiang always is accusing a limited company, Zhejiang always Inc. of group of peaceful paper trade, Zhejiang is accusing a group limited company to wait greatly add up to 34 related companies are amalgamative go bankrupt liquidation.

Zhejiang always is controlling a limited company (“ of the following abbreviation always is accusing a ”) is Hangzhou of —— of countrywide papermaking town of military importance company of Fu Yang’s biggest civilian battalion papermaking, produce per year can amount to 1.5 million tons about. According to the statistic of Chinese papermaking association and Zhejiang papermaking guild the report shows, 2016, always controlling a paper and throughout the country of chipboard crop rank the 21st, zhejiang the 4th, advocate business Wu income is close 3.5 billion yuan. Many 30 afore-mentioned related companies all are the company below Yong Zhengqi, involve the capital fund such as paper mill, heat and power plant.

Course of study of rich in relief papermaking already had close the history 2000, it is the countryside ” of the “ papermaking of famed whole nation. Before long, papermaking course of study brought prosperous —— for local economy most this county when at the height of power and splendour 449 factories, from personnel of course of study 10 much people, crop exceeds Zhejiang to save 1/3 completely.

However, the development that does not have foreword brought about dimensions of course of study of rich in relief papermaking small, distributing medicinal powder, pollution is heavy, what arose to cannot mediate between industry and environment is contradictory. Because the industry collects the ground to be in the upper reaches of Fu Chunjiang of ground of Hangzhou city the source of a river, local government had repair 6 rounds early or late, chopped hundreds paper mill, to 2016 local paper mill from original 449 cut arrive a remnant 45.

2014, rich in relief government came on stage ” the executive opinion that big group of industry of rich in relief papermaking establishs ” , encourage and guide papermaking enterprise to establish big group. Fall in the guiding of this one policy just about, in March 2015, company of Fu Yang’s biggest at that time two bibcock papermaking always group of peaceful paper trade and accusing a group to establish a new group greatly company —— Zhejiang always is accusing, become the papermaking company with rich in relief the biggest area. Establish after finishing, always accusing white paperboard is produced can will arrange the whole nation the 7th, Zhejiang saves the 1st.

Who can think of, zhejiang always is accusing recombine in conformity two years short hind unexpectedly suspend payment.

Break his promise to be carried out at what announced on January 17 in top people court in person list, zhejiang the debt that Inc. of group of peaceful paper trade is as high as 22.24 million because of brushstroke was not fulfilled entirely and always go up a list of names posted up. Inquire discovery, zhejiang always inside peaceful group close half an year already published sheet of old Lai Bang 3 times early or late, accumulative total debt is as high as 70 million yuan.

On June 26, 2017, ruling of court of Hangzhou city intermediate people accepts Zhejiang always limited company of group of peaceful paper trade goes bankrupt liquidation files;7 month 14 days, ruling of court of people of Hangzhou city Fu Yang district accepts Zhejiang to accusing a group limited company to go bankrupt greatly liquidation application. In addition, court of people of Hangzhou city Fu Yang district rules respectively accept Zhejiang to always controlling a limited company and numerous and related company go bankrupt liquidation application.

On August 16, court of people of Hangzhou city Fu Yang district releases announcement to show, already appointed Zhejiang Beijing at present judge attorney office, Zhejiang office of limited company of big accountant office, Jiangsu Xin Tianlun’s attorney, Zhejiang prints 34 companies that accountant office limited company holds the position of afore-mentioned suspend payment jointly. All creditor should be in forward on October 20, 2017 managing the person declares creditor’s rights.

The paper look forward to with the countryside the biggest ” of “ papermaking topples with a loud crash, having the effect of vane to industry of this area papermaking. Before this, in print and distribute of general office of government of Hangzhou city people ” air pollution prevention and cure carried out Hangzhou city 2017 plan ” in express, “2017 year rich in relief area should start Changjiang Delta construction of area piece new city, changjiang Delta comes true inside 5 years the relevant enterprise such as area piece papermaking, chemical industry is vacated entirely retreat ” .

This is meant, continuance of Zhejiang rich this world is close papermaking industry of the history will be entire inside 5 years 2000 die out.