Cost overlay environmental protection, double glue will receive a club to get go up

Published on 2018-11-26

[macroscopical face]

1. Newest data: Crude price: 47.60$/ bucket RMB add dollar: 6.6713(is nodded high nearly one year)

2. PMI of Chinese manufacturing industry was in July 51.4% than going up the moon is small fall after a rise 0.3 percent, manufacturing industry goes situation is smooth; CPI annulus is compared rise 0.1% , rise compared to the same period 1.4% ; PPI annulus is compared rise 0.2% , rise compared to the same period 5.5% , macroscopical range is overall and stable.

3. Telangpu is disregarded in just be anxious, sign administrative memorandum, initiate right China trade investigation, sino-US trade friction is increased.

[paper head]

On August 12, the excel in that limited company builds line of business of paper of Jiangxi beauty stalking or branchCorrugated paperThe project switchs on the mobile phone. It is reported, this project design produces per year a quantity 200 thousand tons, 5200mm of paper machine fabric width, design speed of a motor vehicle 700 meters / cent, basically produce low gram to weigh excel in corrugated paper.

Because environmental protection rectifies and reform need, rich collects product line of paper industry part to rectify and reform stop production, include 38 thousand tons / year straw pulp product line and project of paper of 140 thousand tons of culture, of short duration of machine down time cannot decide, this machine stage basically is producedHectograph paper.

Recently, sunshine is princely 2 period produce per year project of paper of 65 thousand tons of adornment formal start, this project adorns construction 2 times base paper product line, fabric width 1430MM, design speed of a motor vehicle 700 meters / minute, predict to always invest 260 million, in September 2018 put into production.

The whole nation sold cigarette first half of the year 2017 24.75 million box, among them, total sales volume is 31 keys brand 21.21 million box (grow 3.4%) compared to the same period, hold proportion of total sales volume 86% , than last year the corresponding period promoted 1.5% . The sale of cigarette market, show 4 trends: High-end cigarette leads action cigarette of apparent, low tar low-key development, fine raise smoke to continue high speed growth, short raise smoke to present swift and violent impetus. Copperplate growth is most first half of the year is the emperor, Jin Sheng, Nanjing and father-in-law trademark cigarette.

Gansu Province fills peaceful paper industry to produce per year project of 100 thousand tons of corrugated paper to predict start working was built in September, total investment makes an appointment with one hundred and seventeen million six hundred and sixty-five thousand one hundred yuan.

Price of wood pulp of near future home rises continuously, needle leaf oar has gone to 5600 yuan / ton, 5300-5400 of broad leaf oar, september outside international dish oar price or will carry go up 30 dollars / ton.

Suffer environmental protection to superintend strength to ring from Yan Ying, look forward to of Sichuan area paper from July the middle ten days of a month begins to stop in succession machine, most paper mill is in the first ten days of a month stopped centrally in August machine, just can switch on the mobile phone at the beginning of September, crop of bumf of this area bamboo pulp is centered, predict to use opposite paper value to make exciting impact alive.

[microcosmic dot]

1. Because publish bookseller to be purchased with paper,start ahead of schedule, what superintend and director of the environmental protection before 19 congress discuss together with checks is strict fulfil and price of near future pulp has risen sadly 300-400 yuan / ton cost reality, hectograph paper supply and demand will produce level sex to beg be more than the structure that offer and cost pressure, predict double glue paper will become what below one phase rises in price to get army the linkage sex that breed causes culture to use paper.

2. Change of short-term supply and demand and cost drive or what will arouse paper is new one round raise price, but market of near future paper also elephant of chaos of it may be said is fascicular, mist haze is enveloped, all sorts of going up case, stay machine case, be restricted sheet makes bomb overflows dance, very much management boss also shows water of a mist, if intentional and careful grind read Lin Lin always total alleged go up case, the manufacturer type, format that send letter, expression conveys multifarious, pass away the sham as the genuine, spread so, it is harmful and profitless that healthy to the industry progress fears, each operator gets reason to discriminate.

3. Actual prices incline to, the proposal holds essence of life to follow news, special attention: The objective influence of the actual state that wave motion of cost of price of the policy tendercy of scale manufacturer, oar, market consumes, environmental protection, respective cost start, to paper trade business, 9-11 month is the profit opportunity period of time of second half of the year, to pressworking the factory also is the inning with fiducial price of position next year, him research is entered it is more important to sell the ability that retain to rise in price than goods of simple store up.