Change without paper need not print boarding check again, shanghai airport sweeps 2 dimension code

Published on 2018-11-26

Change a trend to cannot be gone against without paper turn, replace paper boarding check with dactylogram from American general, two big airports of Shanghai already combined many airline to open “ recently 2 dimension code installs check ” to serve too.

Take domestic scheduled flight from two big airports when the passenger, waiting through airline, small letter, APP online deal with seize the opportunity after formalities, need not print boarding check, hold airline to push directly those who send is effective 2 dimension code and individual are effective certificate, can head for install check.

Current, in boat of T1 of rainbow bridge airport station building bought the fare of age aviation airline ticket, in boat of rainbow bridge T2 station building bought the fare of airline ticket of aviation of Dong Hang, Shanghai Airline, Na Hang, Shandong, and the fare that bought airline ticket of Dong Hang, Shanghai Airline in building of station of boat of Pudong airport T1, set out from all home the passageway that install check all can enjoy 2 dimension to had piled up the service that install check. Consign the passenger of baggage to wanting to deal with, and baby, wait for special fare without company children, still need to head for airline bar to deal with beforehand relevant seize the opportunity formalities.