Ultraviolet ray is printed magical paper need not ink, can repeat use 80 times

Published on 2018-11-26

According to England ” daily Post ” report, investigator already developed be sent on a diplomatic mission to use ultraviolet black-and-white paper, avoid pair of inky demand. And this kind of deft paper has the exterior with traditional paper and feel, but should heat only 120 Celsius above can erasure handwriting, because this can repeat,use above 80 times.

The researcher collaboration that by American California university river bank divides school and Chinese Shandong university achieves new positive result, the purpose is the effect that reduces paper to produce pair of wood fell trees. Should get on on besmear one in traditional paper only thin small chemical matter, can make its become a kind to be able to repeat those who use is light-duty presswork paper. Investigator points out, the principal port of new achievement depends on giving out the color switch system of a kind of brand-new contented smooth reversibility, make with it piece but the paper of watermark of erasure Chinese ink. To modern society character, new research is having huge economy and environmental beneficial result. Be in the United States, of more than 30% cut tree is used at papermaking and manufacturing chipboard. And the biggest source that paper processing is industrial pollution, waste paper held rubbish to fill bury a space of 40% , caused very big negative effect to the environment. And, reclaim paper still can cause pollution 2 times, because above have cannot by the printing ink of purify.

To solve these problems, investigator develops the substitute of one-time paper in effort all the time. Having a kind of method is to useChemicalcolor exchanges character. But this kind of method encounters difficulty when past try out, because of printing ink hard changeover, cost is high, noxiousness is big. New paper solved these problems, and apply to any conditions that print.

Investigator points out, can brush the actual application that writes paper extensive, be like temporarily information record, presswork newspaper, magazine, placard, notebook, drawing from nature is made, product label all sorts of can repeat use label. The coating on paper is comprised by the grain of two kinds of types, one kind is Pu La, avirulent blue is painty, can become when obtaining an electron colorless, another kind is titanium white, chemical reaction can be quickened below illumination.

Besmear of lump of two kinds of grain is on paper when, paper is blue it seems that. Go up to print character or image paper, need exposes paper in ultraviolet ray, grain of activation titanium white. When the member is active, can release an electron to give Pu La grain, paper can turn into from blue colorless.

Be based on above principle, people can read the colorless script below blue setting, or the blue character below colorless setting. If want to change color, also can use the analogue of other Pu La. After once paper is printed,ending, it can preserve the text below high resolution or image 5 days, next slowly weak melt into is completely blue, if heat 10 minutes, can a quickly trace erase.

Investigator points out, the character that new paper can use for many times reduced papermaking totle drilling cost greatly. Make immerse simply or spray craft can be satisfied, because this is actual the cost in commercial production is low, competition ability is stronger than traditional paper.