Printer line of business pressworks to the function from content changing new opportunity

Published on 2018-11-26

Face the new requirement of industry of new and high technology and new power, printer line of business pressworks from content give priority to presswork to the function the change that give priority to, had formed the force of set the prairie ablaze in the whole world. How to stand in new height, new platform to examine and lead company future to develop way, will be to be placed in China to presswork a before entrepreneur new task. Embrace a function actively to presswork only, just be the path of development.

Internet times, demand of technical environment, market and the profundity that take Wu aim change, caused global printer conformity of the eye grammage compose of employment deep administrative levels, technology and product evolve. Printer line of business is progressively from a kind of leech on to relevant industry is mixed the treatment mode of field requirement, change guides for the product of follow market target cite pattern, will presswork around “ content from thousands of years the information description that ” realizes and duplicate, change pressworks for “ function the product function form that ” implements is built with innovation. This kind of product guides the new progress that makes type is driving printer line of business to blend in domain of burgeoning new and high technology stage by stage, or compose builds a kind brand-new the service system of high rise in value.

Content pressworks to develop a general name for arteries and veins with functional black-and-white

Review the development course of thousands of years of printer line of business, the substaintial focusing that discovers printer line of business not hard conveys ” and ” of “ function implementation at “ content two fulcrum. Progress ceaselessly as the technology, the difficulty of fulcrum of ” of expression of traditional “ content and target come true entirely almost, entered the intense competition phase that commercializes adequately, and the demand of fulcrum of ” of “ function implementation is accompanying new and high technology, new energy resources and industry to presswork the rapid development of demand diversity, become printer line of business to obtain the new development of high rise in value, tall redound to nod stage by stage.

Content pressworks is to point to go up in all sorts of medium, through 2 dimensions the page is described or news of graph article of objective world and subjective world resembles emersion the gather of element method, it is spatial information in a word the product of duplicate method assembles. The function pressworks is to point to usePrinting machineOr what other measure will realize product function is new presswork technical gather, its target is with valence cheap presswork duplicate means, realize the function of the product accurately to amount to.

Well-known, the technology that printer line of business is a model is driven and demand is pulled move model industry, in chiliad presswork in technical development, content pressworks the profit of high specified number that the industry brings and beg be more than the market form that offer, make printer line of business closes in solving ego problem and the environment that contented demand increases. Arrived after new chiliad, indulge the double pressure that course of study erodes in productivity leap and digital technology issues content black-and-white printer, face the market for be more than the crisis with meager gain of sue for peace. Most first of arousal presswork the pioneer discovered the function pressworks this fertile soil, search the new outlet of printer line of business of foreground light. Content pressworks to the function changing reason can generalize for 3 respects:

1. The digitlization of technical environment

Nearly 20 years, the burgeoning technology such as number of have the aid of of printer line of business, Internet and new material, came true to presswork technology from the tradition be based on actinic the environment of artificial exercise dominant with imitate electron technology to total number word, compositive the digital work environment that change changes. Meanwhile, precision of content black-and-white product is ceaseless efficiency of ceaseless and perfect, production improves quality of promotion, product ceaselessly, manufacturing cycle shortens ceaselessly and product form is increasingly diversiform, formed a lot of can come true and satisfy high accuracy to presswork the technical craft of duplicate requirement, these functions that are project of microelectronics, biology and new energy resources presswork demand laid technical foundation.

2. The diversity of market demand

The development of economic globalization, the rapid change of market demand diversity, force the IT industry that is in a technology to expand forward position and biology engineering field to seek more fast come with more agile method custom-built production all sorts of IT products, in order to satisfy the requirement that product essence is refined and miniature changes. The production enterprise that this also is about to try these products uses existing pressworking technology or through pressworking of the technology improved the implementation that will satisfy specific product function, apply what technology of high accuracy screen printing will undertake color of multilayer and complex structure shows face plate to print for instance, the give somebody a new lease on life that technology of ink jet of applied high accuracy will come to undertake the organ is organized.

3. The product that serves a goal is changed