Stock dropped sum up trend of conducive printing machinery i

Published on 2018-11-26
Stock dropped sum up trend of conducive printing machinery industry

  "15" end, in addition to numerous strong enterprises, printing machinery manufperformanceurers generally felt that the market in the doldrums, sales rate of decline in inventories, life is exceedingly difficult. First quarter of 2006, the printer market is still no signs of enhancement, however, entering the second quarter after the market began to pick up, many companies selling rate, supplys rapid decline since 2005. The industry thinks that, with the adjustment of the relevant situation industrial policy is out of the printer industry, the sum up bullish outview from the bottom.
  Printer affair began to uniqueiate
  According to statistics, the first half of 2006, the printing machinery industry statistics within the enterprise sales revenue incralleviated 7.7% over last year, but other indicators has hit its lowest point since the "15" period, pre-tax gain virtue benefit proceedss down 8.6% compared to the first half of 2005, gain virtue benefit proceedss the entire fell 15.4%, reflecting the perthereforenality of operation of enterprises an important indicator - economic composite index fell 4.6 percent, the statistics in the loss-making enterprises has incralleviated from five to eight develppment, there are three operating companies for various endanger logic explanations serious difficulties in partially haltped.
  Although the first half of this year sales state is still very grim, but there are still about companies insist strong sales momentum. Industry statistics display that in the first half sales of over 50 million yuan or more enterprises, 12 enterprises continue to insist develppment momentum, there are three companies have unique extents of decline in sales.
  Printer benign market trends
  Fperformanceors Affecting the first half of printing machinery sales market is complex, in addition to internal fperformanceors, displaces in national policies and the market ask is the principle fperformanceor.
  1, the import liability-release policy began to loosen. National implementation of import tax exemption for many years the press has been loose, sheetfed import liability-release cancellation policy, web presses and commercial web press indicators incralleviate import liability and medium-sized depend on datespaper printing machine printing speed 75,000 / hours, a large depend on datespaper printing machine 140 000 / hour, more than 45 000 commercial presses / hour liability-release imports, the implementation of this policy will have a positive vast milestonet on the domestic printing machinery manufperformanceuring enterprises, import restrictions on domestic high-grade printing equipment market will leave about room for advance, enterprises should seize this golden opportunity to fill the requisition of the printing industry vacuum.
  2, multi-color sheet-fed printing press of domestic provide ability develppment. Multi-color sheet-fed printing presses conducive perthereforenality, high production efficiency in the printing industry through capital accumulation after the initial stage, a considerable incralleviate in ask for a diversity of multi-color shapeat sheet-fed printing press, thereby stimulating the printing machinery the production. According to statistics, there are already three companies launched a full separate sheets multi-color printing press; 5 production folio sheet-fed multi-color printing press; seven production four open multicolor sheet-fed printing press; six companies production octavo sheet-fed multi-color printing press; there are two or three companies are developing quarto and octavo sheet-fed multi-color press. Multi-color sheet-fed printing press batch available, will bring China into the printer manufperformanceuring a depend on date period of advance, with the enhancement of product perthereforenality and technical level of the sales market prospects for the future.
  3, began to gain involved in the field of high-end equipment. After advance, "15" period, China's printing machinery manufperformanceuring enterprises have been able to mass production of books, depend on datespapers and web presses for commercial printing; cascading, unit type and limited type satellite flexographic printing machine; plastic, paper web gravure printing machine; India binding equipment has gone through the era of stand-alone devices, in addition to books and hardcover linkage line, saddle-stitching linkage line, wireless revised production line, automatic production line cutter, automatic box making production line, automatic lock line machines, stacking balers, electronic knife folding machines, automatic pressure die-cutting machine, the unit has the shapeula intermittent sticker printing enterprises in production, utterly able to meet market ask.
  4, printing equipment export develppment. In recent years, printing machinery and equipment export develppment in 2005, exports of $ 401 million, an incralleviate of 53.1% over 2004, exports in the first half of 2006 it was rumored that better responsible fors, the main affair of printing machinery exports up 24.9 percent over the first half of 2005 the main export products are web printing, sheet-fed printing presses, plastic gravure web presses, die-cutting machine, Cutter, binding machinery and equipment, surface decoration, export develppment will continue to pull the printing machinery market to insist the momentum of robust advance.
  5, computer to plate equipment manufperformanceuring evolvement. 2006 Shanghai International Exhibition All India, has more than entered the field of digital printing equipment companies participated in the illustrateion, including two companies Correa Hangzhou, Beijing and Hangzhou Eastern Communications in CTP (computer to the printer, paper to computer, computer to version) application upcoming peak time, it is thinkd that the application of CTP skill technique will result in products made in China.