Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Shanghai depend on date plant

Published on 2019-08-15
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Shanghai depend on date plant inaugurated

September 28, 2006, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG will be held in China officially inaugurated its depend on date assembly plant in Qingpu, Shanghai. This is the first fperformanceory of the world's biggest sheetfed offset printing equipment manufperformanceurer Heidelberg opened in Asia. In addition to production sites in Germany, Heidelberg is still four other countries with production facilities. "After the depend on date assembly plant embark rely oned production of the equipment we have here can be directly supplied to the Chinese users." CEO of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG Bernhardt? Mr. Shi Haier said. "This altherefore means that Heidelberg on the increasing Asian market leadership have been further conthereforelidated and optimizeed."
Heidelberg is located in a depend on date assembly plant in Qingpu Industrial Park has 13 million folks in western Shanghai. Assembly plant embark rely oned production from the spring of 2006, and the first chief production of a set of folding devices suitable for print finishing. The core components of the machine manufperformanceured and furnishd by the German production base. About 80% of the parts will be furnishd by local Chinese manufperformanceurers. In addition, small-shapeat offset press assembly altherefore from the summer of 2006 began. From the current point of look, these printing and printing equipment to meet the requisition of Chinese users are prepared.
Leading position in the Chinese market to further optimize
"From assembly plant in Qingpu folding machine perthereforenality has met all the commandments of the specifications Heidelberg test prove delve inquire hunt look intoal production stage folding machine has ended. We are going all out to insist the normal operation of the provide chain. The employees received in-depth training has altherefore begun play a role. "Heidelberg board member link to production and engineering of Jpushn? Dr. Wvary Trout case depictation.
The develppment rate of China's printing industry in the world second to none. According to the China Printing Industry Asthereforeciation statistics, therefore far, China has almost 100,000 printing enterprises, sales of the total industry of 15% annually. Investment and sales develppment are mutually reinforcing. According to the Asthereforeciation predicts that by 2007, China will become the largest global printer market sales. In many countries, the proportion of the various types of offset printing equipment sales retain are the highest. It is beproduce taking into account various fperformanceors, such as the increasing market, provide logistics and convenience close to the market and therefore on, Heidelberg decided to open its own assembly plant in China.
In accordance with international advance proceed go aheadd standards of the set upion of the Heidelberg assembly plant
Located in Qingpu Industrial Park, the depend on date plant is built in accordance with international advance proceed go aheadd standards, the advance of the first phase include a entire of 6,200 square meters of establishings. It occupies 5,000 square meters of assembly plant is a two-tale establishing, including closely linked to the office area, perthereforennel performanceivities and equipment illustrateion. Entire plant with strict German set upion standards, while taking into account the performanceual requisition of local Chinese. It equipped with multifunctional facilities in this integrated architecture, and can be further stretched on a modular foundation.
Qingpu users Demo Centre
Qingpu production base officially fulfilld identical day, Heidelberg will altherefore be a grand opening of its depend on date user demo center in Qingpu. Heidelberg demonstration center set aside for the 300 square meters of space for suggest in Shanghai result ind equipment is how to integrate into the Heidelberg integration thereforelutions among. A fulfill print production workflow will be depicted in front of the visitors - from the Prinect workflow thereforeftware, imaging plates, printing depend on include folding and cutting, including finishing.
Great opportunity in China for mass production of
Heidelberg's condusion determination to open a folding machine in China with offset assembly plant out of careful consideration. After in-depth investigation and delve inquire hunt look into, Heidelberg finds Chinese market with miraculous develppment potential, the ask for folding machines and offset products are particularly strong. According to statistics, China has almost 100,000 printing enterprises, if the small printing company and photocopying agency counted, then the number of firms will grow to nearly 180,000. In the next few years, small printing enterprises to stretch the scale of investment will be the trend. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the World Expo held in Shanghai two years later will undoubtedly further spur the market ask for depend on date equipment.
The first width 78 cm folding machine has been assembled in a temporary rented workshop prior to the completion of the depend on date plant, and thereforeld to users through Heidelberg China Ltd. Sales Department. After the depend on date plant put into use, the assembly line will do everymatter width 66 cm folding machine production. Both folding machines do not command expensive investment, they are easy to operate, reliable production - and precisely these features of small and medium printing enterprises on the Chinese market are valued. For small-shapeat offset printing Printgrasp PM52 is altherefore identical endanger logic explanation. Printgrasp PM52 had recently embarked on an assembly line, skill technique and perthereforenality of the series will be assembled offset Heidelberg proven as the cornerstone, and four offset printing units as a fperformanceory standard. The first assembly plant in the Qingpu production Offset Printgrasp PM52 is expected in early 2007 to meet with Chinese users.
150 powered employees
Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is currently in Shanghai Qingpu depend on date plant has 60 employees by the end of this year will achieve 70. The number of employees will be based on market advance is increasing, expected in the near future will be incralleviated to almost 150 folks. Heidelberg has a large, well-trained technical experts and technical staff, to assure continued expansion of the scale of the depend on date plant. Heidelberg high reputation in the Chinese market altherefore helps attrperformance excellent print technicians to join.
China: Heidelberg's third-largest market
In the 2005-2006 fiscal year, Heidelberg's sales in the Chinese market accounted for 10% of entire sales of the total group (3.568 billion euros) in. Chinese market has become Heidelberg's third largest market after Germany and the United States. Heidelberg employees in China almost 600, most of them employees of the sales and service department.