Compete for the global market Printing Machinery rise into t

Published on 2018-11-26
  Print expected export "Eleventh Five-Year" period will continue to have a big incralleviate, then China will become the world's chief printing base, printing machinery manufperformanceuring will hence usher in the spring. A few days ago at the First International Printing Technology Development Forum (FO Juan RUM-PT) Dongguan held by China Printing Equipment Industries Asthereforeciation, China Printing Equipment Industries Asthereforeciation executive vice president, general manager Lu Changan North Group Corporation such analysis, forecasting industry outview.
  It is reported that last year's record export value of print depend on 33 billion yuan, accounting for the total printing industry output value of 1/10.
  Onto the high-speed advance track
  The printing industry, "Eleventh Five-Year" advance objectives, in 2010 China's printing industry output value will achieve 450 billion yuan, an annual develppment rate of 9 per cent, an incralleviate of 3 per cent of books, depend on datespapers and annual develppment of 12% annual develppment of 15% packaging and decoration, We expected nearly 2.25% in 2010 to constitute the printing industry output value of GDP. 2020 printing industry output will achieve 1 trillion yuan, accounting for almost 2.5% GDP, China's printing industry will be ranked third in the world.
  Lu Changan noted that Chinese printing machinery manufperformanceuring industry after decades of advance, has achieveed a indispensable scale, skill technique level has noticeably enhanced, especially in the 21st century, Chinese printing machinery manufperformanceuring industry is to maintain onto the fast lane . According to his analysis, this is mainly beendanger of the rapid advance of quiet a few appearances:
  The first is the rapid export develppment. Printing Machinery Import & Export has become one of the main driving force to boost the printing equipment manufperformanceuring industry. According to statistics, in 2006 exports of $ 518 million, an incralleviate of 29.17%, while imports fell 2.34%. This means that the export structure of the printing machinery has begun chief displaces, printing machinery parts exports shrinkd to incralleviate sum up exports, especially exports are close to finishing equipment imports, import and export job deficit began to lessen trends.
  Second, the domestic market continues to grow. 2006 Printing Machinery industrial output value 12 billion yuan, the printing industry, the purchase of domestic equipment almost 80 billion, imports $ 1.63 billion (equivalent to 12.7 billion yuan) from abroad, the Chinese printing market entire sales of printing machinery and equipment entire 20.7 billion yuan. It estimated that by 2010 China Printing Machinery market ask will more than 40 billion yuan, the printer will domestic ask will more than 20 billion yuan, accounting for half of the entire ability of the market (import printer is expected to achieve 20 billion yuan), China will become the truly, the world's chief printer manufperformanceuring base.
  The third is to add to elevate enlarge expand the level of high-end equipment industry. Later in the printing industry through the early stages of capital accumulation, a diversity of multi-color shapeat sheetfed presses ask incralleviated crucially. According to statistics, this year 25% to 30% of high-tech equipment imports accounted for entire imports, which altherefore spurd the domestic printing equipment manufperformanceuring industry to enhance the technical level, and began to enter the high-end market. It is understood that there are already more than a dozen companies began production of various shapeat multicolor offset press Taiwan to compare rank estimate appelevate market share has achieveed more than 40%.
  New skill technique to boost the upgrading of products
  Lu Changan thinks that the rapid advance of printing and printer manufperformanceuring market are fperformanceors that, more important is the application of digital skill technique to the printer and other advance proceed go aheadd design and advance.
  In recent years, the advent of digital skill technique (CTP) and other workflow applications in medium and large enterprises in the printing machinery and equipment, printing machinery and equipment to make technical level began to automation, intelligent, digital, networked, multi-color multi-functional direction, Printing skill technique products has been growing rapidly. Especially CTP skill technique in the field of depend on datespaper printing, direct plate and digital proofing, not only simplifies the process, but altherefore shorten the message cycle, enhance production efficiency. Promote the use of CTP skill technique has been the traditional offset proofing into the elimination stage, but altherefore to traditional markets photolithography, laser typesetting lessen further.
  This trend donated to the upgrading of Chinese printing machinery manufperformanceuring enterprises to update skill technique and products, printing machinery industry began to shuffle. After the integration of Chinese printing machinery industry began to scale, the direction of industrial advance, and the shapeation of numerous printing machinery manufperformanceuring enterprise groups, as well as a large number of enterprises through perthereforenality assurance system and the international security system certification, began to incralleviate the international competitiveness of the whole printing industry displaying a strong momentum of advance.
  Nevertheless, there are about domestic companies, though they have a strong skill, but beproduce of the expense of digital, intelligent implemented, do not pay attention when buying equipment compatibility, therefore that about devices can not play its due role, and so can not attend the international division of labor , but altherefore to the domestic market at a dismerit in the competition. Thus, the need for equipment upgrading inherent, are not compatible with each other to thereforelve problems, to adapt to depend on date process commandments.