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Corrugated paper price is certain in have drop, future walks along situation general to affect an industry to rise and fall

Published on 2018-01-19

According to the analysis, wave motion of price of near future waste paper is very acuteness, and the paper price that brings from this also presents a not quite Anacreontic state, Wrapping paperBecause the industry spends on the low side of relatively other breed centrally, but its market range is wider, channel link is more complex also, because this is more sensitive also,the price fluctuates. Some paper industry appears on the market company person shows: When the price becomes loose before

Austere beard causes situation of pollution of trash of our country solid to take seriously highly

Published on 2018-01-18

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)] On November 1, second conference is in thirtieth of standing committee of National Peoples Congress of 12 whole nations hall of Beijing people congress holds a plenary session the 3rd times. Zhang Dejiangs chairman attends the meeting and make the report that carries out a circumstance about checking solid trash to pollute law of environmental prevention and cure. He emphasizes, trash of solid of prevention and cure is polluted, prevent an

Who buys sheet for the paper value that soare? Earnestly needs to pack box substitute

Published on 2018-01-18

As pollution higher papermaking company shuts stage by stage stop and prohibit importing waste paper policy come on stage, price of raw material of papermaking course of study and produce can show wave motion for giving out, the paper box price that rise lets many report business and buy the home to experience quite deep. The statistical number of net of Chinese paper industry shows, includeArt paper, White paperboard, double glue paper, and of box of paper of the express that makeCorrugated pap

Appear on the market paper look forward to says frankly: Be restricted to produce support value, adjust inventory? These old way are bad this year to was used!

Published on 2018-01-18

What compare waste paper price is big fall greatly, Corrugated paperValence inside a month firm in drop, nearly a few days drop range is bigger. Corrugated paper suffers environmental protection to be restricted to produce an effect most apparent, because this also becomes the price to produce fluctuant variety the most easily, its price goes future sign is sure meet those who affect whole industry to rise and fall. Waste paper price rises to fall greatly greatly, corrugated paper price is certa

Paper travel happy event greets year grand meeting, yield data is the freshest give heat

Published on 2018-01-18

[macroscopical face] 1. Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail) Environment of economy of macroscopical data presentation is at present favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development ◆ bank credit: Face forehead of bank credit of close the end of the year to spend be in an emergency again credit increases fast next year or fall after a rise, driving, finance superintends demand of hypostatic economy financing strengthen mak

Pulp maintains perch to make firm, outside December dish begin quoted price

Published on 2018-01-18

[macroscopical face] 1. Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail) Data of macroscopical in October economy already produced heat entirely, at present macroscopical data shows economic environment is favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development ◆ China iron and steel goes producing can these two years, reduce the amount of annual of a Japan, reduction of output has exceeded 110 million tons, compare with this photograph, pap

Our country begins to move toward the circular economy mode that is raw material with waste paper

Published on 2018-01-18

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)] paper industry once upon a time some year advocate forest pulp unifinication develops, around raise with paper forest, with forest the industrial policy of hurried paper, began to move toward the new circular economy pattern that is raw material with domestic waste paper stage by stage. 2017 beginning, waste paper buys the message that rise in price incessant Yu Er. To domestic paper industry, this is not a bad news. On one hand waste pape

The four seasons of occurrence callback of waste paper price spends perch of value of finished product paper to run logic to did not change

Published on 2018-01-17

Since this year, papermaking industry appears on the market company share price is climbed successively litre, papermaking index 3 quarters are more go up to from 3500 bits 5020 bits more highest. In the meantime, papermaking industry outstanding achievement grows considerably compared to the same period. Experienced entire industry catenary rise in price storm, by October since, perch of waste paper price becomes loose, compare apogee callback 30% . Face raw material price to drop, paper of fin

Pack presswork the industry leaves 40 years high speed sends exhibition period, still face 7 big dilemma

Published on 2018-01-17

From 20 centuries 80 time begin, the high speed that our country packed an industry to experience 40 years grows period, from the point of fractionize domain, content of big, science and technology increases social demand increasingly, production value grows quickly, become whole presswork a domain with industrial the rapiddest development. At the same time in recent years, suffer related economic big environment and country the influence of environmental protection policy, Pack pressworkThe ind

Do a crash job of department of Shenzhen environmental protection is checked, much home pressworks the enterprise that pack is weighed to punish

Published on 2018-01-16

For severe blow the enterprise is used holiday, nightly carry out discharge the illegal behavior such as straight platoon secretly, late on December 9, shenzhen environmental protection execute the law the branch begins holiday and nightly assault to examine the action greatly in whole town limits. That evening, shenzhen city person ranks an environment appoint, the unit such as Baoan area, Long Hua area, promising new developed area basically is led head a group, composition executes the law 6

Entrance of the 2nd batch of waste paper is obtained batch, APP is about to weigh endowment investment wrapping paper

Published on 2018-01-16

[ChinaPack pressworkIndustrial network company pays close attention to] [macroscopical face] Economic data: (Change the curve asks scan of contrast of couplet of the paper in consulting in detail) Environment of economy of macroscopical data presentation is at present favorable, advantageous market stabilizes development Case of oil price bearing stone inscription continues to climb litre, the abidance of oil price rises, established value of product of 2018 chemical industry basically to be abl

The 3rd acting retail times comes, is the outlet of hypostatic bookshop in?

Published on 2017-12-14

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)] Instantly, new retail the heat that makes each trade discusses a topic, china also promotes ceaselessly in the expression of current network and efficiency respect. Have investor analysis, as the ceaseless iteration of retail channel, general merchandise, business exceeds, shopping centers, convenience inn, major sells channel of field, chain the channel below line of this kind of generation effect of retail level ground and channel effici

Chinese economy grows, it is good news to the whole world

Published on 2017-12-14

[ Domestic news (graph)] Restore driving development as Chinese economy, RMB internationalization process is accelerated, reason treats fine to Chinese economy foreground. Beijing time on October 11 evening, international Monetary Fund (IMF) announces, global economic situation continues to improve, go up tone was added with the global GDP 2018 2017 fast anticipate. Among them, chinese economy is added fast on tone 0.1% to 6.8% , this is this organization go up the 4th times this year economic g

Avoid greedy with fear, paper value predicts very fast look forward to is steady

Published on 2017-12-14

[macroscopical face] 1 data: Crude price: 49.37/ bucket RMB add dollar: 6.6243(near future is in 6.5-6.7 interval concussion) 2. PMI: Manufacturing industry PMI was China in September 52.4, successive 14 months are in vicissitude line upper part, for since May 2012 highest. 3. Unemployment rate: Unemployment rate of investigation of town of 31 big cities was September this year 4.83% , for since 2012 lowest. 4. GDP: ?  of  of  of Cou of peptide of be used to of patch up Cheng climbing o

Factory building of paper box plant needs scientific position, promote work efficiency before buy condition

Published on 2017-12-13

[ Domestic news (graph)] Paper box factory is when the program that build a plant, did not do feasibility to evaluate, wait to did not become systematic consideration to circumstance of state of circumstance of the class fixed position of the product, production value, equipment and personnel, with relevant design the communication of the company is not perfected, bring about thereby in put into production a lot of intractable obstacles are encountered after period of time. Expert analysis, adop

Mill of two big paper increases put into production newly, rows of tiles on a roof is supplied change sadly

Published on 2017-12-13

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)] [macroscopical face] 1 newest data: Crude price: 51.96/ bucket, RMB add dollar: 6.5899(near future is in) of 6.5-6.7 interval concussion, PMI was in September 52.4, PPI6.9% , CPI 1.6% , first half of the year GDP 6.7% , 2. Oil price appears rise, the RMB appreciates considerably, pay close attention to paper cost transaction Data of 3.9 months of newest CPI, PPI produces heat, continue to maintain firm syncopation to go up. [paper head] Pa

In October the first piece of chipboard depreciate case be bungled come, paperboard mill has affliction talk!

Published on 2017-12-13

After 11 holiday, as Guangdong city of the head that save Shan sunlights limited company gives out heart paper industry the first piece of base paper depreciated in October case (Tu Bubai paperboard depreciates 200 yuan / ton) , if base paper depreciates, the problem also is made a noise bubbling with noisely, everybody also is had his heart filled with expect paper price drops. Nevertheless base paper depreciates to still do not have the symptom of a trend with clear what, we wait however came

Drop drop! Waste paper business autumn pants drops did not have, corrugated fibreboard begins diving

Published on 2017-12-12

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)] Waste paper drops 4 days wildly continuously, had gone to 1800 yuan from 3200 yuan of exalted callbacks before a week, and see less than stopping completely drop the evidence that pick up. Paper mill make fall, instantly of waste paper price dies dish, the one act November 25, 2016 is performed again. Countless as accrete as paper mill in all the waste paper business of flourish, what appreciated paper mill to serve as banker again is stro

Waste paper steeps fall cause attention, paper estate market calls reason

Published on 2017-12-12

[macroscopical face] 1. Newest data: Crude price: 52.16/ bucket RMB add dollar: 6.6205(near future is in) of 6.5-6.7 interval concussion, PMI was in September 52.4, PPI6.9% , CPI 1.6% , first half of the year GDP 6.7 2. 3 quarterly GDP of Chinese grow 6.8% compared to the same period, dimensions above industry increased a value to grow 6.6% in September, economy lasts to good. 3. Hair change appoint progress of economy of China of concerned controller introduction is steady in have into foregrou

Shock of waste paper price turns around drop, nod fully quick result saves heart bolus !

Published on 2017-12-12

Small made up the home that occupies 99 waste paper to be arranged the newest waste paper of 38 paper mills of countrywide quoted on October 29. Divide Shandong, Yunnan price of waste paper of individual paper mill is small on tone 100-300 yuan / ton outside, the sign that basic value shows countrywide other area to glide now, depreciate extent 40-300 yuan / ton differ. The personage inside course of study feedbacks, began waste paper to bale on October 27 the car that stands toward paper mill d

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