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What note model to shape precision of craft influence product?

Published on 2018-11-26

In production certain measure asks to compare accurate important note model when, every the range that dimension permits to fluctuate is very small, ask only 9 wave motion is measured even. In producing a course, normally the influence notes model the main factor of dimension precision, it is to note model shrinkage. Shrinkage is bigger, precision is poorer. Accordingly, because PP makings and POM makings note model shrinkage is very big, their note model precision is differred quite normally is

Protruding imprints in the label that prevent bogus to presswork the application of the domain

Published on 2018-11-26

In last few years, homePrinting ink of ability in swimmingPressworking industry, be in especiallyFood is packed, Plastic presswork, soft edition pressworks waited for a respect to have rapidder development, but in gravure, especially paperboard kind smoke mark pressworks the domain has some of lag relatively. 1, manufacturing efficiency and presswork cost The printer foreword that protruding imprints and hind treatment working procedure produces even the line the situation more, can implementati

Should economic depression bumf rise in price? Tide of bumf scare buying is lifted inside the island

Published on 2018-11-26

The bumf inside the island considers rising in price, cause tide of people scare buying. The analysis thinks, this report faces economic depression, the people anticipates the panicky state of mind of pouch shrink. Research organization data shows paper of international major oar, price of long in December 2017 minute is every tons of 910 dollars about, short fine price is every tons of 795 dollars about, achieve the history to be nodded high, annual pulp price rises amount to 45% . As we have l

Researcher develops 3D to print new-style biology printing ink

Published on 2018-11-26

Come from Neibulasi California Lincoln university, the group that the researcher of polyclinic of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai and Masschusetts Institute of Technology forms developed printing ink of a kind of new-style biology to be used at 3D to print, include the plasma that contains a lot ofplaque among them. This can let the organization that biology 3D prints have heal property of improvement. The plaque in blood makes condense all round cut, and return blood-vessel of repair such as, the skin, m

Mill of much home paper announces paper price rises greatly, space of electric business profit is compressed continuously!

Published on 2018-11-26

On Feburary 23, the reporter learns, waste paper of countrywide paper mill buys the price new round adjust continuously, partial paper mill restores to buy, among them, hua Dong area is highest on move 100 yuan / ton, meanwhile, base paper of rows of tiles on a roof goes up again 200-300 yuan / ton the message also is transmitted. The Spring Festival already arrived nowadays first 8, the paper mill, factory that pack already start working of land add add goes to work, so should the paper price a

Electric business tries water green packs frequently be rebuffed: Cost is high it is difficult to reclaim it is obstruction

Published on 2018-11-26

Before paragraph the bubbling with noise green that time fries is packed, now how? Believe practitioner of box of a lot of traditional paper cares this problem very much. From the point of current market current situation, cost it is tall, difficult to reclaim it is green packs the biggest difficult problem that face, green packs be rebuffed, that is to say, green package wants large-scale promotion, market of box of paper of tradition of comprehensive even embezzlement, still have very a paragr

Presswork how does electric business walk out of predicament? Change current situation?

Published on 2018-11-26

Presswork how does electric business walk out of predicament? Change current situation? 1, industry trend: Accord with the development of big trend, at present new retail had taken a line, presswork the industry also can follow tide, produce the advantage of the group below the line; 2, oneself advantage: Combinative oneself develops the current situation, produce oneself advantage adequately. If oneself have,presswork of factory and worker, can reduce cost, but assure a client quantity; 3, prod

Committee member of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference appeals to the standard that pack sells to treat plastic pollution outside be being made as soon as possible

Published on 2018-11-26

The reporter is investigated Move move finger, cate is excellent. Now nowadays, the flying growth of the industry sells outside the network, facilitated greatly of people eat, fill full the stomach of people, made more plastic waste product on certain level again however. Just meet two meetings hold the whole nation, many delegate committee member sells rubbish to handle special attention external. Yesterday, the citizen calls common people of of our newspaper column to ask in succession politic

Transition of industry of papermaking of the Dongguan that help strength upgrades, dongguan of courtyard of province spy check detects courtyard enlarge action!

Published on 2018-11-26

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net place] In recent years, dongguan city is accelerate economic society double transition, to industry of 5 big pillar medium papermaking industry undertakes two tall one low is produced can fall into disuse. In eliminating a process, dongguan of courtyard of province spy check detects the technical advantage that the courtyard produces oneself adequately, the safety that ensures equipment of special type of industry of Dongguan city papermaking with all o

Value of paper of the first ten days of a month was gone against in May situation go up

Published on 2018-11-26

[ChinaPack pressworkNews of industrial net home (graph)] Rows of tiles on a roof was reached MayBoard paperThe market uses paper in the tradition off-season inside go against situation and on, domestic paper value is climbed ceaselessly tall. Data shows, up to this month 10 daysCorrugated paperCountrywide Zhou Jun price is 4711 yuan / ton, annulus comparing rises 8.62% , relatively the corresponding period rose last year 55.11% ; Zhou Jun price of board paper whole nation is 5360 yuan / ton, ann

Industrial source is useless plastic wait for 16 kinds of solid to abandon next year to will prohibit importing

Published on 2018-11-26

Recently, hair of zoology environment ministry, Department of Commerce, country changes appoint, the 4 ministries and commissions such as customs total office combine print and distribute " run list about adjusting announcement " , adjust group by group entrance trash runs list . According to announcement, will useless hardware kind, source of broken bits of casting die of hulk, useless car, smelt, industry is useless plastic wait for trash of 16 breed solid, from limitation is imported kind can

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