First own style of world cultivates tooth operation robot to

Published on 2018-11-26

On September 16 morning, in Military Medical University of air force of ancient capital Xi’an (former the 4th Military Medical University) the stomatological hospital cultivates division surgery inside, first own style of world cultivates tooth operation robot, basis beforehand set instruction, be short of what tooth patient finished two to be short of a tooth successfully to cultivate immediateness rehabilitate for a female, the operation goes well. 2013, in our country rehabilitate of famous oral cavity learns an expert below professor of Zhao Yi civilian and its group dominant, stomatological hospital of air force Military Medical University and institute of robot of Beijing aerospace university begin project approving research and development to cultivate tooth robot. They are designed active cultivate robot compose model, can agile inside the oral cavity with narrow space ground completes operation operation, international develops exit antrum to plant a program first, operation navigation, system of robot control software, implementation cultivates plan essence to follow navigation of the whole journey in program, art and robot automata function. Establish dimensional map program successfully, realized fixed position of high accuracy space and real time navigation and control. Build oral cavity to cultivate operation robot first flow of clinical diagnosis and treatment, finished those who be short of tooth patient smoothly to cultivate immediateness rehabilitate. Compare with traditional method photograph, a variety of this establish tooth robots have essence of life accurate, efficient, small achieve, the characteristic such as safety. According to Zhao iridium civilian teachs the introduction, the tooth is short of break, one of serious illnesses that be short of caustic is influence health and life quality. Epidemiology investigation shows, our country has 400 million to be short of tooth patient about, and growing a technology is at present first selection treats way, annual and embedded cultivate style nearly 500 thousand. This the operation is robot technology those who be used at domain of oral cavity medicine is new germinant, group of research and development will continue to improve relevant technology, perfect its function, make its get applied extensively at an early date. He says, cent is operation robot two kinds: A kind of dispute is own type, namely the robot is actual it is by the doctor the hand moves an operation, the operation through mechanical arm the operation is completed more subtly, much is at present medical the robot belongs to this kind. Another kind is own style, it can be expert experience and technical confluence in robot program, carry out operation process independently by the robot, avoid the error that causes by subjective element. This the own style of research and development cultivates tooth robot to have complete own intellectual property, its innovation dot depends on: Initiate method of location of mechanical space confluence, raised operation precision; Can be in be not orthoptic condition to fall to carry out elaborate operation independently; Can print technical union with 3D, the rehabilitate of immediateness false tooth after implementation is embedded.