Guo Taiming talks to whether should be opposite robot levy: Should learn to get along with them

Published on 2018-11-26

Patriarch of group of ability of Fuji Kang Ke holds president Guo Taiming concurrently 4 days to be accepted on congress of Internet of the 4th world when interviewing, express, the mankind should learn how to get along with the robot, ponder over the mankind how to cooperate with artificial intelligence better, is not to say how to follow robot levy. Patriarch of group of ability of Fuji Kang Ke holds daily of economy of inscription of president Guo stage concurrently, Ma Changyan of reporter of Chinese economy network is photographed ” about levy, this should see you how see a robot. ” Guo Taiming says, the robot is not to replace a person, increase the person’s work efficiency however, the work that loud and jarring, onerous, people is not willing to do lets a robot do, fixed position is the mankind and robot fight in coordination. Guo Taiming emphasizes, how does prospective mankind study get along with the robot, it is inevitable thing. Origin: Chinese economic net