Ma Yun: Allow a machine more like the robot more like the person

Published on 2018-11-26

Opening ceremony of congress of current world Internet, ma Yun makes the presentation that press an axis. Associate with in every case makes a speech with respect to gold sentence he ceaseless, also did not make everybody this disappointed. “If say Internet ‘ from do not have have ‘ , so did not come 30 years, internet will ‘ from have without ‘ , this ‘ without ‘ be ‘ nowhere is absent ‘ ‘ without ‘ , can leave a network without the person and exist. ” begin, ma Yun expresses, internet is arriving deep square field surface of the society, the consequence of Internet technology revolution may go more than the summation of all technical revolution. “Did not come 30 years, data will make manufacturing material, computation can be productivity, internet will make a kind of relations of production. If we not data is changed, disaccord Internet is linked together, can be illogical than going 30 years so report appears more terrible. ” the machine can replace a person Ma Yun: With its concern is inferior to taking on the development as Internet technology, in recent years the whole world is diffusing a kind of concern to new technology, afraid machine can reave working opportunity of the person, afraid machine can control the mankind, meeting destruction is in afraid mankind in oneself greatest invention. Ma Yun holds different view: “New technology is not unemployment letting a person, let a person do more valuable business however, let a person do not repeat his, go innovating however, the job that lets a person gets evolution. ” his citing says, railroad of quiet day period appears, people boycotts railroad, heaver of afraid along the line will be unemployed influence society is stable, but there are 200 much platelayers now; After container appears, porter fears the meeting is unemployed, but haven appeared however person of boater of a lot of condole. “The work that I believe to the machine can let a person has more dignity, more valuable, more creative. Go 30 years, we turned the person into the machine, did not come 30 years, we will turn the machine into the person, but should allow a machine finally more like machine, person more like the person. Technical trend cannot be held back, but the machine does not have belief without the soul, machine, our mankind has the spirit, have devotional, valuable view, the mankind has individual creativity, mankind to want to have self-confidence, believe, we can control a machine. ” Ma Yun emphasizes again, with its afraid technology snatchs obtain employment, be inferior to embracing a technology, go resolving new issue, “To economy of word of network space, logarithm and its concern, be inferior to taking on. ” talk about new era new opportunity: Globalization must more Pu Hui speaks of new era, new opportunity, ma Yun expresses, digital economy will weigh model world economy, world economy will have new model, it is to be in China not just, the whole world is in enter a new era, “We will face new era new issue, and it is new opportunity at the same time. ” Ma Yun thinks, the mankind is become only ” destiny community ” , build in all ” destiny community ” , ability meets new era and challenge together. “Globalization must more Pu Hui, globalization does not create today’s problem, however globalization is not perfect those who cause. ” Ma Yun expresses, prospective commerce should belong to medium and small businesses. Of future the thing that crossing condition trade is not production of a nation is sold to another country, want to create value of obtain employment, creation for the other side each other however. “Revolution of the 3rd technology, big fight be about to start shooting, but this is not the war between a country and country, this is the war that a mankind defies disease, poverty awaits change compatibly hand in hand. ” ” the future that I think the mankind is collective, all all mankinds, countries should rise jointly, believe a youth, is not to believe a weapon, we should believe a technology, we should embrace a technology, we should embrace a technology actively, go be being entered share newly, the times of Pu Hui, green. ” Ma Yun says finally in the speech: “Because have only such, human society just is met can more abiding, ability meets better, ability more healthy. ” origin: Zhejiang online