3 years industrial robot develops future good luck and trend

Published on 2018-11-26

In recent years, get the influence of manpower cost and population structure, industry of Asian area robot grows quickly, china made the world’s biggest robot market. According to international robot federation (IFR) forecast, to 2020, in the plant that will robot of 1.7 million new industry applies world each district. Industrial robot is implementation flexible the infrastructure of automation, more and more agile robot product satisfies the requirement of the factory, be helpful for accelerating the enterprise response to the market speed. Global robot market was carrying driving growth trend 2017, the report shows, the robot installation quantity of Asian Australia area increased 21% , america robot supplies growth 16% , europe grows 8% . As the ceaseless maturity of robot technology, the precision of the robot is taller and taller, increase the promotion of function of join of content couplet net, make the robot becomes industry to digitlize the crucial role in transition. Forecast according to IFR, to 2020 world industry robot puts a quantity to will achieve 300 thousand, world robot inventory was one hundred and eighty-two thousand eight hundred 2016, this is meant in the near future robot market carries the growth rate of 14% . Global industry robot 5 big markets last year, global robot market basically distributings to be mixed in China, Korea, Japan, United States Germany these 5 countries, these 5 countries held the 3/4 market of global robot. China — the robot market with the biggest whole world, sales volume achieved 87000 2016, the sale that is close to Europe and America to add up 97300. In addition. Status of supplier of Chinese native land robot promotes ceaselessly, the market is had rate had achieved 31% . Korea — the 2nd big industry of world robot market, 2016 work off 41400 robots, grow 8% than 2015. Korea is the leader of production market of LCD and memory chip, korea was increased electric the investment with robot of electronic industry respect. In Korea manufacturing industry, there is setup of about 630 robots in every 10000 employee, it is the nation with world robot top density. Japan — industrial robot sold 38600 2016, grew 10% , this is 10 years of top levels of Japanese since. Japan is main robot production country, to satisfy the demand that industrial robot increases increasingly, japanese robot factory increases long productivity high ceaselessly. Crop achieved 152600 2016 (crop was 73900 2010) , this number is the in part that global robot always supplies an amount. The United States — industrial robot sale achieved 31400 2016, increased than 2015 14% . The United States to promote industry competition ability, expand automation production ceaselessly, lead foreign manufacturing industry through favourable policy a mainland, increase with inside production invests, created favorable market environment for the robot. American robot density is quantity of 1261 installation in every 10000 employee, after be next to Korea, the robot of American great majority is import from Japan, Korea and Europe. Germany — the 5th big robot of world the market, also be the biggest in European market. The industrial robot of 2016 year supply and put a quantity to occupy European robot to sell amount respectively 36% with 41% . 2016 the robot of work off 20039, photograph comparing increases 19945 times of 2015 somewhat.