3C industry establishs next extraordinary service industrial robot sales volume went up greatly last year 16%

Published on 2018-11-26

According to Reuter report, international robot federation (IFR) point out, as a result of electronic industry drive, the global sales volume of industrial robot rose 2016 16% , predict its sales volume was added 2017 fast will faster. The global vendibility of industrial robot amounts to 13.1 billion dollar, incremental ratio exemple is 18% (it is 40 billion dollar about) . This includes software, peripheral equipment and systematic project among them. As the dimension of the robot ceaseless and cut, price falls continuously, precision promotes gradually, rise ceaselessly to batteries, chip and the demand of indication screen at the same time, the industrial robot amount that sells an electron the profession comparatives with automobile industry almost. From 20 centuries since 70 time, electronic industry is driving the sales volume of industrial robot all the time. In electric electron industry, industrial robot sale grew 41% , amount to 913 thousand. And the sale that sells a car the profession rose 6% , amount to one hundred and three thousand three hundred, take industrial robot total sales volume (294312) 35% . IFR predicts, the whole world of industrial robot installs a quantity to will grow at least 18% this year, came to increase every year 2020 at least 2018 15% . IFR expresses, the industrial Internet that the prospective driving force of robot sales volume will be an actual factory and union of virtual reality photograph, can cooperate with with what the mankind cooperates robot and machine study and artificial intelligence. The Tom Laili of director of robot technology strategy that how fills investment management (Tom Riley) express, the system that controls robot technology more and more intelligence, this brought rich and generous redound for investment. He discloses to Reuter, “The applied limits of robot and automation technology expands ceaselessly, continue to drive sales volume steady growth. ” China is the biggest robot market on the world, 30% what take global sales volume about. Robot sales volume of China grew 27% . Be in on the press conference, IFR secretary-general is ancient Er of case of shellfish of a surname of benefit of · of heart human relations (Gudrun Litzenberger) express: “From the point of sales volume, china and Korea had been dominant with consumption electron industry. ” the 2nd big market that Korea is industrial robot, sales volume goes up amount to 8% . In Korea manufacturing industry, every 10 thousand staff are distributed 2145 robots, since 2009, robot distributinging density broke up one time almost, house whole world the first. IFR expresses: “The company with a lot of giant dimensions devotes oneself to to produce the cell that uses for mixing motivation and electric car, these enterprises may be robot density considerably the reason of heighten. ” the development that a lot of countries that the whole world heads with China drove electric car. Suffer this effect, a lot of companies all devote oneself to batteries of car of mass-produced far road, samSung SDI, LG Chem and SK innovation rank among them. Last year, robot sales volume of Japan appears rebound, rise 10% . In industrial robot manufacturer, japan holds dominant position as before, send that division (Fanuc) , An Chuan electric machinery (Yaskawa) plain Qi (Kawasaki) and not 2 more (Nachi) it is Japanese enterprise. The library of the ABB that there still is Switzerland in production a group of people of same interest, Germany gets stuck. Be in the United States, industrial robot sales volume grew 14% . IFR expresses, american hope, let indigenous manufacturing industry develop continuously with competition ability through promoting automation to deploy, introduce abroad manufacturing industry the United States. This one hope lasts drive the growth of industrial robot sales volume. Germany collected manufacturer of a few large cars, be like the masses, BMW and Daimule, do not cross robot sales volume almost backwater not before.